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4K QLED TV with Dolby Vision: Elevating Your Entertainment

11-27 2023

Presenting the ultimate in entertainment innovation the Haier 4K QLED TV, which may redefine your watching experience. This television is going to change the way you enjoy entertainment at home because of its amazing combination of cutting-edge technology and excellent picture quality. With the immersive brilliance of Dolby Vision combined with astonishing 4K resolution, every frame pops with incredible clarity and bright colours.

The Immersive Viewing Experience: Exploring the 55-Inch Screen

  • Broad Display: A completely immersive cinematic experience is possible thanks to the 55-inch screen of the Haier 55S800QT. Because of the huge screen, viewers may enjoy a vast entertainment canvas and an immersive visual experience.


  • Vivid 4K Quality: The 4K resolution ensures a remarkable level of clarity and detail. Having almost four times the pixels of Full HD, this resolution creates incredibly sharp and precise pictures. You will always have a fantastic viewing experience whether you're streaming HD video or playing Blu-rays since every scene is vibrant and vivid.

  • LED Technology: This TV employs a technology known for creating very bright pictures, deep blacks, and vibrant colours. This technology ensures accurate and brilliant colours and ideal brightness levels under a variety of lighting conditions, improving the overall quality of the image.

  • Visual Realism: A realistic portrayal of scenes and images is achieved through the combination of QLED technology and the 55-inch screen size. collects and displays them with incredible realism, capturing minute details of sceneries as well as subtleties in facial expressions.

  • Immersive Entertainment: A 55-inch screen provides an immersive atmosphere that enhances the pleasure of any content type, whether it be sports, movies, games, or streaming your favourite series. Viewers are given an immersive experience that makes them feel like they are a part of the action because to its size and visual quality.

  • Room-filling Presence: In any space, the 55-inch screen is a commanding presence that draws the eye. The screen's size ensures that almost everyone can enjoy a clear view from a variety of seating arrangements, whether it's situated in a designated entertainment area or a comfortable living room.

Audio Output and Headphone Connectivity: Sound Quality and Options

The Haier 55S800QT 4K QLED TV with Dolby Atmos's many audio output choices allow it to adjust to a variety of settings and tastes. A crisp, lively sound quality is guaranteed by this TV's 24-watt audio output. With enough volume and clarity for daily viewing, the integrated speakers offer a well-balanced audio experience whether gaming or watching TV shows or films.

The audio experience may be further customised with the option to utilise headphones as the output. It enables users to have a more private and immersive listening experience without bothering those around them by connecting their headphones straight to the television.

When watching in dim light or in situations where the audience would like a more concentrated auditory environment, this is a very helpful alternative. The TV's Bluetooth connectivity extends the range of audio choices and enables easy pairing with a variety of device compatibilities.

Bluetooth connection enhances the TV's audio quality by allowing the users to connect wireless speakers, soundbars, or headphones. Now, customers may also personalise their audio arrangement according to their tastes.

Enhanced Motion Clarity: MEMC Technology Explained

On the Haier 55S800QT 4K QLED TV, MEMC (Motion Estimation and Motion Compensation) technology redefines visual experiences, particularly during action-packed scenes or sporting events. Through a considerable reduction in motion-related distortions, MEMC guarantees a visual experience that is more lifelike and engaging.

Quick motions seem very smooth and vibrant thanks to MEMC in operation, which further increases the clarity of scenes with quick action. By increasing the frame rate and smoothly joining frames, the technique produces more realistic and natural-looking motion transitions.

As a result, less motion blur is visible, highlighting finer features and lessening the fuzziness brought on by quick motions. MEMC's dynamic motion processing adjusts frame rates intelligently to optimise visual performance for a variety of content formats, including games, movies, and sporting events.

This adaptive technology preserves the fluidity and authenticity of the material while simultaneously improving the cinematic experience through motion refinement. MEMC reduces motion-related artefacts to guarantee a dependable and engaging visual experience for all viewers in a variety of genres and viewing situations.


The Haier 55S800QT 4QLED TV with Dolby Vision combines compelling visuals and powerful audio features to deliver an exceptional watching experience. The 55-inch QLED screen creates exceptionally vivid, crisp, and lifelike visuals when combined with Dolby Vision.

The 24-watt output and headphone connector are two examples of audio characteristics that provide a personalised listening experience. The MEMC technology enhances action scenes and makes athletic events enjoyable by improving motion clarity and providing stability with its weight.

This TV, a marvel of contemporary technology, offers a captivating home entertainment centre that accommodates an array of tastes and ensures that nearly everyone will have an incredible viewing experience.