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65'' C11 OLED Google Smart TV: The Centrepiece of Your Smart Home

11-27 2023

Experience the heights of quality in contemporary entertainment with the Google Smart TV 65-inch C11 OLED, a key component in the smart home sector. This television goes beyond the standard watching experience in a time when technology defines ease.

Immerse yourself in the future of home entertainment, from the brilliant platform of Google to the smooth connection with smart home ecosystems. Come along as we examine the features and functionalities that turn this OLED Google Smart TV into the centrepiece of your digital world.


Dolby Vision IQ & Dolby Atmos

On the 65-inch C11 OLED Google Smart TV, Dolby Vision IQ and Dolby Atmos technologies completely reimagine the visual and aural experience while guaranteeing an unmatched degree of immersion.

With Dolby Vision IQ, HDR technology gains a new dimension since the image is dynamically adjusted according to the ambient light levels of the TV. This guarantees that every picture presents consistently beautiful images by preserving the desired depth, richness, and vividness independent of the ambient illumination.

To fully complement this visual splendour, Dolby Atmos offers an immersive audio experience that surpasses typical channel-based audio. It sort of provides a three-dimensional environment where sound components may move freely, enveloping you in a very lifelike auditory experience. The audio is placed and moved precisely above and around you, improving the viewing experience overall.

MEMC 120Hz Technology

Motion Estimation and Motion Compensation (MEMC) is an advanced technology used in televisions to enhance visual clarity and reduce motion-related artefacts in on-screen content. MEMC 120Hz reduces motion blur and judder by inserting extra frames between existing frames in a video sequence, yielding smoother and more coherent motion transitions. This technology is especially useful for high-action content, such as sports or action movies, where fast movements could otherwise appear jittery.

With MEMC technology, the content that is presented will have a refresh rate that is higher than the screen's natural refresh rate. This function is particularly helpful in situations that move quickly since it keeps every element crisp and apparent.

While smoother motion from MEMC can greatly enhance the watching experience, some viewers may want to disable it for specific kinds of video. Sometimes MEMC adds a soap opera effect to TV broadcasts and films, which makes them appear unnaturally smooth.


Hands-Free Voice Control

Your Haier 65" OLED Google Smart TV will never be the same with hands-free voice control. This modern technology provides a practical, hands-free experience that goes beyond ordinary remote controllers. Your voice alone may open up a world of opportunities. This user-friendly voice control system reacts to your orders with ease, whether you're operating smart home devices, changing settings, or browsing a vast library of films and television series.

Due to the technology, you can easily integrate it with Google Assistant and access a wide range of entertainment alternatives. Furthermore, the voice control serves as the focal point of your smart home ecosystem and goes beyond simple TV-related instructions.

With simple voice prompts, you can check the weather, manage compatible IoT devices, and issue instructions for other connected smart home goods. The 65-inch OLED Google Smart TV becomes the focal point of the room in your smart home because of its advanced capabilities, which streamline home control and entertainment in one seamless experience.

The OLED 165cm (65) Smart Google TV from Haier is a high point of contemporary home entertainment. Upgrade your hub. Your watching experience may be redefined by its innovative features, which include Bluetooth connectivity, MEMC 120Hz technology, hands-free voice control, Dolby Vision IQ & Dolby Atmos.

This TV could be the focal point of your smart home environment, seamlessly integrating outstanding audio, immersive images, and simple controls. Its dynamic features will elevate your enjoyment while ensuring unmatched image quality, outstanding sound, and seamless connectivity.