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A Complete Overview of Haier - HRS-682SWDU1 - Side-By-Side with Water Dispenser

05-17 2024

Looking for a super spacious fridge with the latest amenities and ultimate cooling for a large family? Then look no further. Here’s a refrigerator model from Haier that matches all the above-mentioned criteria- the HRS-682SWDU1 - Side-By-Side with Water Dispenser.

Engineered with cutting-edge technology, this model can make any household’s kitchen upgrading journey successful. Want to know how? Then scroll through this bite-sized blog to explore the nook and cranny of the Haier - HRS-682SWDU1 - Side-By-Side with Water Dispenser!

Revolutionizing  Features and Benefits of HRS-682SWDU1

This model is the perfect match for any modern house requiring more storage space and functionality with advanced features. Here are some key features of Haier—HRS-682SWDU1 - Side-By-Side with Water Dispenser, which is specially designed to upgrade every household’s food storage experience. Check it out!

  1. 596-Liter Space Capacity

    Want to organize an event at home for a large family? Then consider Haier’s—HRS-682SWDU1 - Side-By-Side with Water Dispenser, the perfect partner to keep all the supplies fresh and handy. With a roomy 596-liter storage capacity, this refrigerator model can accommodate a wide range of drinks, food, and other supplies for organizing any event without taking a continuous trip to the supermarket. 

    Just store all the supplies ahead of the event to have maximum fun! This model was specifically engineered to improve storage efficiency so that all the foods are arranged in an orderly way for easy retrieval and usage. 

    Moreover, to keep the products fresh for a long time, the spacious storage area has been segregated into different compartments to keep foodstuffs in designated sections so they are easy to find. For instance, there is a separate case for fruits and vegetables to avoid cluttering and creating a mess while trying to pick the most wanted product. 

  2. Separate Cooling Panels for Every Compartment

     Apart from having a separate compartment to organize foods, the Haier HRS—682SWDU1 model also considers the need for different humidity levels to keep the products fresh for longer hours. This ensures that the food doesn't get too wet or dry, which could ultimately lead to quick spoilage. 

    That’s why each shelf and bin has an adjustable humidity controller to adjust the temperature to maintain foodstuffs, including veggies, fruits, drinks, and other perishables. Since this model was designed to store many products, homeowners can even accumulate the leftovers from the event, such as roasts, cakes, groceries, and other products, for a week with maximum freshness. 

    Finally, consumers can now keep their worries away as the specialized compartments don’t allow flavor cross-contamination to happen between different product types, thereby making meal preparation and snacking more effective!  

  3. Inbuild BPA-Free Water Dispenser for convenience

    The HRS-682SWDU1 model's practical and creative built-in water dispenser is a highlighting feature that sets it apart from other brand refrigerators. Why? Because it improves the refrigerator’s cooling experience and comes with a 2.5-liter capacity. 

    It can provide refreshing, clean, BPA-free water from the refrigerator to keep consumers hydrated around the clock. Moreover, Haier assures us that the water from the dispenser does not contain any dangerous chemicals like the ones usually found in plastics and is not contaminated, thereby making it a safe drinking option. 

    To build customer trust, the water dispenser safeguards the drinking water based on the strict safety and health regulations proposed to date. Moreover, the dispenser is placed in an ergonomically user-friendly position on one of the refrigerator doors to offer user convenience and save time and effort while hosting guests, making meals, or grabbing a drink to quench their thirst.

  4. Ultimate Odor Control with Deo Fresh Technology

    The Deo-Fresh Technology in Haier's HRS-682SWDU1 model offers cutting-edge odor lockage to keep food fresh for long hours. They are primarily neutralized and eliminated to maintain a fresh and comfortable atmosphere within the enclosed space. 

    This was a thoughtful feature added to this model because strong food odors can influence foods near them, lowering their freshness and taste. With this technology, these odors are eliminated, thereby stopping the alteration of the scent and flavor of the food products. Moreover, the Deo Fresh Technology also locks the freshness and quality of the stored goods beyond just keeping away bad odors. 

    Most importantly, the technology annihilates germs and mold from the odors trapped inside the refrigerator, lowering the shelf life of stored perishables and keeping the space sanitized and healthy. Additionally, this model can run effectively and quietly, complying with the high-performance requirements of standard refrigerators. 

  5. Easy Operation with Digital Touch Panels

    This feature, found in almost all Haier refrigerators, allows customers to seamlessly alter the humidity with just a tap of their finger without opening the refrigerator door. For instance, customers can adjust the temperature and air circulation throughout the refrigerator for the compartments so that perishables and other goods retain their freshness, texture, taste, and odor for many hours. 

  6. Wifi-Enabled for Remote Access

    This is an all-new revolutionary feature engineered in almost all Haier refrigerator products. It allows consumers to access the refrigerator anywhere, anytime, from the smartphone. All that is to be done is to install the SmartHQ app, sign in, create an account, and follow the instructions to connect the model. The success in connection will be displayed on the refrigerator. 

  7. Twist Ice Maker

    This is a specially designed ice tray that can extract ice cubes from the tray with just a twist. No additional work is required to extract the ice cubes from the tray, making it a functional option for making different juices in an instant! 

  8.  Enhanced Visibility with LED Lighting

The Haier Side-by-Side Refrigerator HRS-682SWDU1 model is popular for its innovative lighting system, which comprises many LED bulbs. This lighting helps to provide easy visibility to every nook and corner of the refrigerator’s interior. 

As a result, it allows users to gain maximum visibility to easily reach and get the stored product they want. Moreover, the thoughtful arrangement of the lighting inside the refrigerator makes this product unique among others.

Subsequently, unlike the age-old lighting techniques, this type of lighting has numerous advantages both for the consumer and the environment. It is more energy efficient and can help lower the entire refrigerator's energy usage, accounting for its three-star efficiency rating. 

Additionally, it helps significantly reduce power expenses, thereby saving the environment. Moreover, LED lighting doesn't harm the vision with its anti-glaring properties. It just reflects a clear, bright light to help find the required things in the refrigerator in a jiffy, even the poorest visible areas of the compartments.

Subsequently, this enhanced visibility also allows consumers to keep track of the food supplies in the refrigerator and avoid food wastage. For instance, it allows easy identification of the products that must be consumed immediately, thereby making the finding process easy for consumers.

Moreover, the LED lighting enhances the overall appearance of the refrigerator as the light appears steady and gentle, thereby making the atmosphere inside look cozy and illuminated. Therefore, every opportunity to open the refrigerator, from cooking to getting a snack, gives consumers ease of usage and delight.


With its cutting-edge technology, Haier’s HRS-682SWDU1 model is a perfect match for contemporary households requiring effectiveness and practicality. Its lightweight body, overall attractiveness, dedicated sections, and portable form make it worth an investment, in addition to its awesome features and exciting benefits.