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TV Size & Dimensions: A Guide to Choosing the Right TV Screen Size

08-23 2022

Long gone are the days when TVs looked like big boxes. Today, modern TVs have a sleek design and are loaded with many smart features that make the viewing experience enjoyable. Many people prefer buying a TV with a larger screen size as they like to have a theatre-like movie-watching experience at home, whereas there are some people who prefer a smaller screen size. Either way, choosing the perfect screen size for your entertainment needs is one of the most crucial things to think about when buying a new television.

So, to help you choose the right TV size for your room, we have listed down a few simple tips like choosing the right place to install the TV, the viewing distance, and your daily usage. Let us look at these tips in detail

Decide where you want to place the TV

Before you deliberate about buying an LED, Ultra HD, or OLED TV, you must decide where you want to place the TV. Is it for your living area or your bedroom? Are you planning to mount it on a wall or do you have a dedicated TV cabinet to place it on its stands? Once you have figured out these parameters, the next step for you is to take proper measurements of the available height, depth, and width of the space. It is important to pick a spot that is usually free of clutter and is not an ‘accident-prone’ area in your house.

With all the measurements handy, when you go shopping for a television for your house, ensure that you choose a TV that matches all your space requirements to ensure that it easily fits there.

Consider the viewing distance

Have you ever been up close to a large screen television and felt like having a headache or an eye strain? If yes, then another critical factor to consider while buying a TV of the right size is the viewing distance or how far you will be sitting from the screen.

All you have to do is, measure the distance between your seat and the TV screen and once you have this number, multiply it by 0.84. That’s the ideal TV screen size for your room.

For example, if you sit 5-6 feet away from your TV, as per the calculation, you may want to go for a 50-inch screen, which is an ideal size for an average living room in India.

Consider buying a stand

If you wish to install a TV in your living room but do not have enough space to mount it on the wall, you must consider buying a TV stand. It is best to buy a universal TV stand with a mounting bracket fixed to the base of the stand as it will hold the screen firmly in one place and you can enjoy your favorite show from the desired angle.

Measure the field of view

Field of view refers to the space that the TV display takes up compared to other things that your eyes notice while watching the TV. For example, when you watch a movie in a theatre, the field of view is large and you can barely see anything else apart from the screen.

However, at home, the field of view is much smaller, and it varies based on where you sit and the placement of the TV. Experts usually recommend a field of view of 30-36 degrees. So, if you buy a TV with a 50-inch screen, you may have to sit about five feet away. But, if you have space constraints within the room, you must choose a TV size based on the field of view available in that particular room/space.

Are you a gaming enthusiast? What size TV is best for you?

If you love to play video games on your TV, you may have to sit closer to your screen rather than watch a movie far away from the TV screen. So, to continue being a proactive hobbyist and play your favorite games for that adrenaline rush, choose the right TV screen size so that the graphics are easy on the eye and yet give you an immersive playing experience.

Also, think about whether you like to play alone or with your friends. When you play with friends, both of you would want to get a clear view of the screen from different angles. In such a situation, a larger screen that may be 55 inches would be ideal.

Size or Quality – striking the right balance?

Undoubtedly, your budget is an important factor that will influence your decision in choosing the right TV for your home but one thing to keep in mind is that a TV with a bigger screen does not always mean it is the best. So, it is always better to opt for a TV that fits your budget and at the same time offers a premium visual experience and dynamic sound quality.

In the end, you will spend a lot of time relaxing in your living room and enjoying a movie night or maybe binge-watching the latest on Netflix. So, while choosing a TV, consider the above factors and choose the one that will solve the purpose without taking up a lot of space in your room.