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A Perfect Fit for Any Home: Finding Your Ideal Haier Washing Machine

10-23 2023

Washing machines play an integral part in our everyday lives. For ages, we all have come across numerous types of washing machines and have seen their evolution starting from bulky designs to modern slim compact ones. Their functionalities have also seen exponential growth and today’s advanced technologies including AI are being infused into these machines to make them more effective and more productive.

Haier has been always one of the forerunners of this industry and has essentially developed its washing machines to a great extent surpassing all industry limits and setting new benchmarks. In this article, we shall focus on the Haier HW90-DM14959CBKU1 washing machine and find reasons as to why it can be a perfect fit for any home.


Specialized Solution available with Haier Washing Machines

Below we shall briefly discuss the reasons to go for the Haier HW90-DM14959CBKU1 washing machine and how it helps its users through innovative features:

  1. Direct motion motor –

Direct motion motor is an in-house mechanism developed keeping in mind to reduce the sound and ensure more stability to the washing machine when it is spinning while washing. In this mechanism, the belt is removed and the motor is directly connected to the drum, which reduces the sound and vibration by large. It also helps in reducing energy and water consumption.

  1. Super drum size –

The Haier HW90-DM14959CBKU1 washing machine has a drum size of 525mm which is great for doing large amounts of laundry in one single go, mitigating the need to go for multiple rounds of wash.  The drum although having a huge size, has a very sleek design which provides enough space for clothes to spread out so that they can be washed effectively.

The total capacity of this machine is 9kg. Advanced laser welding technology is being used on the drum to smoothen the drum surface which results in soft caring of the clothes while washing. The drum has higher durability and can be used for years. The peak speed which can be achieved is around 1400 rpm.

  1. Pillow drum -

The drum walls are pillow-shaped, which prevents the wear and tear of the fabrics, thus taking utmost care of the clothes. There are over 720 microholes of 2.2 diameters, between the pillow bulges, which helps in reducing abrasion and provides clothes the best of care while washing.

  1. Refresh –

The Refresh technology present in the Haier washing machine helps in the removal of odor and wrinkles as well. The mechanism behind this is that the warm vapor penetrates the clothes, and this helps in keeping the odor away and prevents creases or wrinkles on the clothes. This helps in keeping the fabrics soft and goes for tender care.

  1. PuriSteam –

Another well-known in-house technology of Haier, PuriSteam is used to remove any sort of bacteria or mites from the clothes even if they are deeply embedded in the garments. The mechanism behind this is that Haier washing machines diffuse steam and detergent inside the drum, which helps in the relaxation of the fibers of the clothes and does effective deep cleaning and removal of dirt or stains present. The steam also does the job of sanitizing the clothes and keeps them fresh by penetrating the fibers of the fabric.

  1. Dual Spray –

Dual spray helps in the healthy washing of the clothes without causing any residual bubbles. Haier has adopted this new design of two nozzles jet dual spray which does the effective washing of the gasket and the window separately. The dual spray technology can clean the residual bubble, dirt, fluff, and lint completely all at once.  This prevents the clothes from getting polluted again during washing.

  1. AI- DBS –

AI- DBS also known as Dynamic Balance System, helps in the optimizing of the various washing options and upgrades the dynamic control stability program. This helps in the silent washing of the clothes by giving extra and precious care to them. This cutting-edge technology recognized throughout the world, helps in making front-load washing machines stable and prevents sound when operating.

The new upgraded algorithm helps in the smart balancing of the machine, by sensing the weight of each laundry load and ensures a stable operation. It also controls the 3 sensor modes known as speed, shift, and weight sensor effectively.

It helps in reaching the maximum RPM spinning under 5 secs and efficiently manages the entire washing process. The AI-DBS  also helps in the effective control of the direct motion motor, vastly reducing the sound and vibration during the spinning and washing of the clothes.

  1. Anti-bacterial technology –

This technology prevents the growth of harmful bacteria and germs and stops them from multiplying.  The gasket and detergent dispenser highly adopt the anti-bacterial technology (ABT) eliminates 99.9 percent of bacteria from growing and helps in keeping the entire washing environment hygienic and clean.


The Haier HW90-DM14959CBKU1 washing machine is an upcoming model by Hiaer that comes in a color grade of Dark jade silver and also comes with 5 years of comprehensive warranty on the product and 20 years of warranty on the motor.

Benefits of choosing Haier washing machines

There are numerous benefits to choosing Haier washing machines. Some of them are:

       Innovation – Haier’s washing machines are dependent on innovation which helps in the appliances being extremely efficient in their respective work saving time and human workload.

       Attractive design – Haier’s washing machines come with modern and trendy designs which results in the increase of aesthetics of the house and gives out a potential style statement for the brand and the user.

       Performance – Haier’s washing machines are examples of true beasts when it comes to performance. Their in-house technologies and mechanisms infused with superior hardware result in high performance and an increase in productivity, setting new benchmarks in the home appliances industry.

       Energy efficient – All the Haier washing machines are very energy efficient since Haier believes in sustainability and contributes to the reduction of carbon footprint. Being energy efficient also helps in the reduction of utility bills for users as well.

Final Overview

To conclude, Haier and their washing machines provide the best of facilities and ensure the comfort of their users at all costs. Day by day they are keeping on increasing their market share through these effective machines and using Haier’s upcoming HW90-DM14959CBKU1 washing machine can be your way of escaping your daily laundry chores.