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Are modern refrigerators more energy-efficient than older models?

09-22 2023

Haier started its operations in India in 2004, and since then, they have been continuously working towards producing the best cooling appliances for its target audience. Over the years, Haier has won many awards and accreditations for its refrigerator line, like the Made in India award in 2015 and the NABL certification for a facility that can test 18 products simultaneously.

They have been ranked in the most trusted brands list owing to their correct problem identification and resolution process. They have even been awarded the most energy-efficient appliance for 2 years by the President of India, Smt. Droupadi Murmu.

In recent times, Haier has launched a smart refrigerator line that focuses on modern concepts like the ‘Internet of Things’ to bring the best solutions for families and individuals adopting Haier. Their expansion and diversification have made Haier stand out from the plethora of brands in the same industry, making it stand out as number 1.

Haier’s smart convertible side-by-side refrigerator launched in India is one of the first of its kind made in India for the people of India. They are also the leading brand in launching the first magic convertible refrigerator.

Haier has a strong global presence due to its design, customization abilities, and priority to cater to consumer needs. This shows their dedication and commitment to innovation and quality.

Are modern refrigerators more energy-efficient than older models?


Modern refrigerators of the brand Haier are more efficient than their older models. This is because of their advancements in technology, design, and even the regulatory standards that are in place by the governing authority. Here are some aspects owing to which modern refrigerators of Haier are more energy efficient than their older counterparts.

1) Compressor Technology

Compared to the kind of technology that was available before, the tech that is available right now to produce Haier refrigerator models is quite advanced. The used compressors are even termed inverter compressors, which have the unique feature of adjusting their speed based on the demands.

This helps them consume less electricity as the requirements change and are inconsistent. This improvement in compressor technology is applaudable compared to the kind of fixed-speed compressors used in the old refrigerators.

2) Insulation

Insulation is the material used to create an airtight seal in the refrigerator to prevent any external temperature or particles that affect the conditions inside. By using high-quality insulation material, refrigerators can maintain consistent temperature levels. This event drastically reduces the pressure and duration that the compressor is used for, which coincidentally results in energy and cost savings.

3) Lighting

An important component of refrigerators is the lighting used. In the previous older models, bulbs were used, leading to energy consumption and increased heating levels. Nowadays, LED lighting is used in refrigerators. LED lights are known for their energy efficiency and low heat, drastically reducing the appliance's overall energy consumption.

4) Controls

There was not much scope for adjustments in the temperature in the earlier models of refrigerators. But now, there are controls and even smarter options that help prevent unnecessary usage.

The main problem with old refrigerators is related to unnecessary cooling cycles, which is now resolved, making modern refrigerators function optimally. Touch screens and even remote-controlled thermostats and control features allow for any adjustments per your wishes.

5) Defrost System

Modern Haier refrigerator models have the feature of an adaptive defrost system, which defrosts the coils only when necessary, drastically increasing energy savings. These energy savings directly translate to cost benefits for the modern-day consumer. Compared to the older models wherein coils defrost on a fixed cycle basis, modern coils defrost only when it is needed according to the frost build-up, which is monitored.

6) Modes

The newest feature in the modern-day refrigerators is, hands down, the various modes that smart refrigerator models of Haier offer. These modes are such that you can adjust the temperature levels in the various levels of the refrigerator.

For example, there is the eco mode, which can be used when the refrigerator is not occupied at full capacity, leading to energy savings, while there is the vacation mode for when there is no new addition to the storage but at the same time needs a consistent temperature to maintain the quality of the food and not lead to spoilage.

7) Certification

There have been a lot of changes in the regulations and standards over the years. Haier’s dedication towards consumer preferences is proved by their constant adaptation and changes in the models while at the same time gaining awards and certifications. It shows how well they have incorporated the needs and demands of the consumers.

Apart from this, an Energy Star certification exists, which signifies how well the appliance meets the energy efficiency standards. When an appliance is awarded a star, this model consumes drastically less energy while delivering a similar or even better performance.


In summary, Haier’s modern refrigerators have met the exceeding demands and expectations of the growing consumer base with its commitment to improving its models with new designs and innovations, making them stand out in the crowd.

It is thus safe to say that even though older models might have been the best in their times, modern refrigerators have a considerable technological advantage. It is thus essential to remember that while upgrading to a modern refrigerator, consumers can benefit from these new advancements, like lower energy consumption, which translates to a reduction in electricity bills.