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Cooling Delight: Celebrate Diwali with the Intellismart AC by Haier India

11-09 2023

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The Intellismart AC line is designed to improve the way you cool yourself. In this post, we'll explore the wonders of Haier's Intellismart ACs and how they may elevate your festivities by fostering a cozy and enjoyable environment for you and your loved ones. Prepare to revel in the revitalizing coolness of Haier's contemporary air conditioning system.

Beat the Heat at 60°C

Temperatures in many parts of India, especially in summer, can soar to a staggering 45 d

egrees Celsius and above. Simple air conditioners strive to provide efficient cooling in such extreme conditions. However, the Haier Kinouchi Pro AC is designed to keep you cool even when the mercury reaches 60°C. This incredible feature is made possible by the AC’s optimized high-performance compressor and cooling system.

The compressor is the heart of any air conditioner. Haier has equipped the Kinouchi Pro AC with a high-efficiency compressor that is designed to perform well in extreme conditions. When the temperature rises to 60°C, this compressor does not fail; That ensures it rises to the occasion and always gets a cool, refreshing breeze.

Whether you live in hot summer climates or simply want an air conditioner that can handle the worst of conditions, Kinouchi Pro AC is ready for the job. It ensures that your living room remains a cool place, giving you a respite from the relentless summer heat.

Connectivity, Convenience and Performance

It's not surprising that even our air conditioning systems have become smart in our fast-paced, technologically-driven society. A great instance of how technology may improve our cooling experience is the Haier Intellismart AC. The Intellismart AC's seamless connection is one of its best qualities. You now have total control over your air conditioning system at your fingertips with the Haier Smart app.

Just a quick signup or login will do. Once you're in, you can easily modify your cooling choices with the app's user-friendly design. The Intellismart AC takes into account the quality of your sleep in addition to its cooling capabilities. You may have a pleasant and restful night's sleep because of the settings for four distinct sleep curves that are appropriate for individuals of different ages.

It's quite easy to connect your AC to the app. You may get started by simply installing the app or scanning the QR code. The Intellismart AC's ability to program a weekly timer for temperature management elevates convenience to a whole new level. The Intellismart AC will notify you proactively in the unlikely event that there is a fault.

By taking preventative measures, you can minimize downtime and guarantee that your air conditioner runs properly. The ability to collectively regulate many Intellismart AC units in one's home or workplace is a game-changer. All of the ACs are concurrently adjustable and controllable via your smartphone.

Exceptional Performance and Energy Savings
This air conditioner boasts Triple Inverter+ technology and Long Air flow as its features, which result in comfortable room temperature and saving energy consumption.

  • Maximized Comfort: The Triple Inverter+ system is designed for maximum comfort as it precisely governs the cooling procedure. It provides customized cooling for your particular conditioning requirements, maintaining the desired comfort inside the house.

  • Reliability: The Triple Inverter+ system indicates that Haier is committed to quality and durability. It improves the general integrity of the air conditioner thus you can rely on it to serve perfectly for many years.

  • Highly Efficient Performance: The main concern of Triple Inverter+ technology is efficiency. This improves the cooling process and ensures that the AC operates efficiently. The process causes quicker cooling, power saving, and lower running expenses.

  • Faster Cooling: It is possible to redirect air for up to 20 meters using the air conditioner. Extensive reach enables fast cooling of the room, ensuring speedy oncoming comforts.

  • Reaching Extreme Corners: Optimized air throws to ensure that air is spread in every corner of the room by the AC. This ensures that there are no hot spots or places where the cooling effect is weakened.

The Haier Intellismart AC coupled with the Triple Inverter+ technology and Long Air flow gives you ideal performance and yet efficiency on energy consumption.

Frost Self-Clean Technology

The Frost Self Clean Technology found in the Haier Intellismart AC is another outstanding feature that keeps the air conditioning clean and efficient. This technology is designed to address the issue of dust and dirt buildup in an AC internal evaporator coil, a common problem that affects cooling efficiency and air quality over time

  • Real Indoor Wet Washing: One of the key benefits of this technology is that it gives your internal air conditioner a real indoor wash. The Frost Self Clean feature is more effective than the typical cleaning procedures because it removes dust particles from the AC parts.

  • Clean Air: This is a technology that reduces dust and allergen build-up on a condenser coil; in turn, it assists in providing improved indoor air quality. Notably, clean air is good for your health and will also make the AC work more efficiently.

  • Increased life: Any appliance needs regular maintenance and cleanliness, and the Frost Self Clean feature is necessary since dust and potential blockages can shorten its existence. Besides, it is very helpful to prolong the life of your Haier Intellismart AC.

  • Efficiency and Performance: Good work with a clean evaporator coil. With Frost-Self-Clean, you can be sure that your AC will continue delivering cool air, and will work efficiently for a long time.

Triple Inverter+ for Maximum Efficiency

Three fundamental control components are combined in Haier's Triple Inverter+ technology: A-PAM, PID, and TLFM inverter control. Accurate and flexible control over the air conditioner is made possible by this clever integration. Temperature precision is ensured via PID inverter control, while TLFM manages speed and performance.

Voltage and current stabilization are handled via the A-PAM inverter control. A more intelligent and responsive air conditioner results from this coordination of controls. Your comfort is given priority by the Triple Inverter+ technology in addition to energy efficiency.

The air conditioner's technology enables it to adjust to shifting outside circumstances and provide a steady, cozy inside temperature. Haier's Triple Inverter+ technology is revolutionary in the field of energy efficiency. When considering energy savings over conventional inverter technology, it can reach up to 65%. This technology guarantees optimal performance while minimizing energy use, which can result in long-term cost savings.

It does this by controlling temperature and optimizing power utilization. The Triple Inverter+ technology also helps to sustain the environment by focusing on energy efficiency and lowering power consumption. Reducing your carbon footprint is becoming increasingly essential, and this technology coincides with eco-conscious choices, allowing you to enjoy a cooler interior atmosphere without excessive energy use.

The Kinouchi Pro, Haier's Intellismart AC, is a technical wonder that completely transforms what cooling feels like. It is a credit to the AC's strong performance and efficiency that it can withstand the intense Indian summer heat, even at 60°C.

Enjoy the genuine joy of chilling down with the Kinouchi Pro, Haier's Intellismart AC. It's a celebration of sustainability, coziness, and innovation. Choose the 1.6 Tonne 5 Star Intelli Smart Inverter Split AC - Kinouchi Pro HSU19K-PYFRSBE1-INV for your house to live a greener, more energy-efficient, and more environmental friendly lifestyle.

The fun doesn't stop here, though. Haier is happy to deliver an exceptional offer that makes upgrading to the Intellismart AC even more appealing as the holiday season draws near. Bring home the most innovative product award winning AC and avail benefits up to Rs.35990/- through Smart Saving+Exchanging deal.