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Eco-Friendly Innovation: Haier's Commitment to Sustainable Laundry

01-15 2024

With the 9 kg, front-load, fully automatic Haier HW90-DM14959CS8U1 washing machine, you'll be ready for the green laundry revolution! This powerhouse combines cutting-edge technology with Haier's dedication to sustainability.

Take advantage of a lifetime warranty on the Direct Motion Motor, guaranteeing longevity that corresponds with your commitment to the environment. Give up worrying about washing and choose a cleaner, greener lifestyle. 

Haier is dedicated to a sustainable future; they do more than just washing. Ready to use green laundry to create a big impression? Your pass to worry-free laundry and a lifetime of environmentally responsible invention is the HW90-DM14959CS8U1.

Direct Motion

As the motor is directly connected to the drum and requires no belts or noise, the Direct Motion Motor takes centre stage. Take in an assortment of launderettes with virtually no vibrations. Give up the annoying hums and welcome a washing machine that purrs during every cycle. No belts equals no wasted energy.

Every watt of electricity is converted into effective cleaning action thanks to the Direct Motion Motor. It's not just about having clean clothing, it's about doing it with as little negative impact as possible on the environment and your energy bill. With its Direct Motion Motor, the Haier HW105-B14959S8U1 is more than just a washing machine, it's a silent, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing device.

ABT Gasket and Dispenser

       Antibacterial Protection: The gasket and dispenser are integrated with ABT, or antibacterial technology. To provide a more sanitary washing environment, it actively works to hinder the growth of bacteria, mold, and other hazardous germs.

       Gasket Hygiene: In conventional washing machines, a rubber gasket is a popular place for mold formation. The ABT Gasket keeps dirt and grime from building up there. Over time, this aids in keeping the gasket fresh and odor-free.

       Clean Dispenser: The ABT Dispenser ensures a clean dispensing of detergent and softener by eliminating any residue that may harbor microorganisms. It may extend the life of the washing machine in addition to making garments cleaner.

       Odour Prevention: The ABT technology helps in reducing unpleasant odors that occasionally arise in washing machines, particularly in locations with high humidity levels, by suppressing bacterial development.

       Long-Term Efficiency: By keeping the interior of the washing machine clean and sanitized, the ABT Gasket and Dispenser contribute to the machine's long-term efficiency. This technology is in line with Haier's dedication to providing cutting-edge technologies together with a clean and easy-to-use laundry experience.

Touch Display

With the Haier HW90-DM14959CS8U1, you can welcome in a new era of easy laundry management. Its stylish Touch Display interface puts convenience at your fingertips. With this creative innovation, doing laundry becomes a smooth and engaging experience. You can easily choose the ideal wash choices with the Touch Display's user-friendly interface, giving you complete control over your laundry preferences.

Beyond utility, the Touch Display gives your laundry room a dash of contemporary flair. Its modern style blends in perfectly with the machine, improving the overall aesthetics and transforming your laundry room into a chic retreat. Take in the power and customization that this innovative function gives you, enabling you to make your laundry routine as contemporary and refined as the machine.

Dual Spray

The Dual Spray technology of the Haier HW90-DM14959CS8U1 is an ecologically aware feature that makes it a shining example of innovation. During the rinse cycle, this environmentally friendly wonder takes the front stage, guaranteeing a clean conscience and even cleaner clothing. The purpose of the Dual Spray function is to strategically remove lint residue from the gasket and lid, not only to rinse.

This precise procedure ensures that your clothing comes out not just clean but also devoid of any possible allergies, offering a deeper degree of cleanliness. Through its activation during the rinse cycle, Dual Spray technology directly targets allergies. It goes above and beyond to get rid of any remaining particles from your clothing, providing a comprehensive and allergy-conscious washing experience.

Sleek Design

       Aesthetic Appeal: Your laundry room will look more refined with the Haier HW90-DM14959CS8U1 washing machine's elegant design, which skillfully blends utility and aesthetics.

       Compact Form Factor: The washing machine's sleek and compact design allows it to fit easily into a variety of locations, which makes it ideal for contemporary homes where space is frequently at a premium.

       Dark Jade Silver Finish: Haier's dedication to producing appliances that are both fashionable and modern is reflected in the appliance's Dark Jade Silver finish, which enhances its aesthetic appeal.

       Half-Transparent Door: Designed to give a contemporary touch, the half-transparent door also fulfills a functional need by enabling users to keep an eye on the washing process without opening the door.

       Chrome Knob Detailing: The addition of chrome knob detailing elevates the entire appearance and contributes to the washing machine's upscale vibe. It is a subtle yet elegant touch.

       User-Centric Approach: Haier's user-centric approach is shown in the sleek design, which is more than just aesthetics. It ensures that practical functions are smoothly blended with style to improve the user experience overall.

Energy-Efficient Operation

Engineered with an emphasis on energy efficiency, the Haier HW90-DM14959CS8U1 washing machine reflects Haier's dedication to environmentally friendly and sustainable laundry solutions. The appliance's Energy Class rating of 5 indicates that it can provide maximum washing performance with the least amount of energy usage.

Integrating the Direct Motion Motor is one of the main elements boosting its energy efficiency. By giving precise control over the machine's motions, this innovative motor technology not only provides a smoother and quieter operation but also improves energy economy.

The HW90-DM14959CS8U1 has a wide range of washing programs in addition to its operating innovations, which let consumers select particular cycles based on their laundry requirements.

By combining cutting-edge motor technology, intelligent features, and a range of energy-efficient programs, Haier has created a washing machine that not only delivers outstanding cleaning results but also aligns with modern expectations for environmentally responsible appliances.

With Haier's ground-breaking HW90-DM14959CS8U1, a front-loading, fully automated washing machine made for a cleaner, more environmentally friendly lifestyle, you can enjoy laundry to the fullest. This machine, which has a sturdy 9-kilogram capacity and a sophisticated Dark Jade Silver finish, is dedicated to sustainable living rather than just washing.

Haier's commitment to environmental responsibility is demonstrated by the Direct Motion Motor's lifetime warranty, which guarantees a durable and environmentally responsible laundry partner. Select Haier to be a part of a laundry revolution that helps create a sustainable and ethical future while also cleaning your clothing.