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Elevating House-hold Laundry Experience with Advanced Technology

08-22 2023

Washing machines have evolved beyond mere appliances for cleaning clothes. With cutting-edge cleaning technology, these machines effectively ensure clothes are thoroughly washed. The Haier Washing Machine, equipped with the industry's first anti-scaling technology and 3D rolling technology, offers a range of smart laundry solutions designed for health, efficiency, and care.


Anti-scaling technology: Haier's new range of top-load washing machines incorporates innovative anti-scaling technology. By utilizing 20 smart nano balls propelled by the water flow, the drum is cleaned through impactful scrubbing against the inner and outer tub walls, reaching an impressive 25 million scrubs in a single wash cycle. This powerful water flow prevents dirt accumulation, effectively tackling bacteria, allergens, and unpleasant odors. Moreover, this technology ensures the outer wall of the inner tub remains free from chemical residue, making it the safest choice for your clothes.



Bionic Magic Filter and Rolling Water for deep clean and gentle care: The washing machine features an innovative "venous valved" design that effectively collects lint, preserving clothes' freshness and cleanliness. Additionally, Haier's advanced integrated solution, the 3D rolling wash, ensures deep cleaning by allowing vertical water flow to penetrate the fabric, removing stubborn stains and maintaining fabric freshness and hygiene.


Smart solutions for efficiency: The top-load washing machines are equipped with smart sense technology, such as fuzzy logic, which automatically selects the appropriate water level based on the weight of the clothes. The Quick Wash feature further enhances efficiency, as it only takes 15 minutes to wash items. These smart solutions offer simplicity, high efficiency, and energy savings for users.


Advanced solution for a carefree wash: Haier's new top-load washing machines are designed to provide a comfortable laundry experience. The advanced solution ensures the washing machine operates seamlessly, even in low water pressure situations, preventing interruptions during the wash process.

Near Zero Pressure technology: With the ability to function with water pressures as low as 0.01 Mpa, this technology is ideal for users residing in high-rise apartments with low water pressure and small storage tanks.

Smooth and seamless pillow drum: The washing machine's pillow drum provides delicate care to clothes with its tender scrubbing action. Featuring 720 dewatering holes of only 2.2mm, this drum guarantees that delicate garments remain unharmed during the washing process.


Auto Restart: The auto restart feature conveniently resumes the washing machine's operation in case of power cuts. It automatically restarts from the previous position and adjusts accordingly, ensuring a stress-free and convenient laundry routine.