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Haier Washing Machine - Your Hygiene Partner

05-18 2020

We all want a healthy lifestyle. We all want to feel alive and active. However, a healthy lifestyle is not solely restricted to a clean diet, fitness, yoga, etc. There is so much more to it than that.

To promote a healthy lifestyle, it is extremely essential to disinfect clothes in the washing machine & remove all external agents. Some of the clothing items like towels, damp rugs, bathrobes, etc., are the ideal environment for the proliferation of micro-organisms that lead to allergies, inflammations, and respiratory problems. To prevent this from happening, it is important to wash and disinfect clothes appropriately and to dry them instantly after the wash cycle.

For this important task, you can rely on Haier’s Washing Machine, which ensures a strong, effective, clean, and hygienic wash every time.


Haier’s Washing Machine comes with an Anti-Bacterial Technology which eliminates bacteria and every time offers a clean and hygienic wash. The antibacterial element is injected into the gasket and detergent drawer to eliminate more than 99.8% of bacteria and germs thus providing you a safe washing, hygiene, clean and healthy.

Self-Clean Technology

Haier Washing machines, not only give a hygienic wash but they also keep themselves clean. The Self Clean Technology automatically cleans all the residue, dirt & bacteria between the inner & outer tub wall, keeping the drum more hygienic & odour free.

Steam Wash

The Steam Wash technology has a steam function to penetrate the fibres of the clothes so that your clothes remain free from odour & allergens. It carefully removes wrinkles, dirt, and stains and ensures a Hygienic Wash by eliminating bacteria and odour. So, whenever you have to go out for an important function, Steam Wash will make sure that your gorgeous clothes are ready.

Apart from this, it also has many other features -Tub Dry, Dual Spray, i-refresh, Baby Care - to match the modern consumers’ needs. After all, we care about your health & proper hygiene.

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