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Everyday Doctor-Recommended Habits for Hygiene at Home: Powered by Your Haier Front Load Washer

07-05 2024

Personal hygiene should be observed at home to ensure that the family and other individuals staying at home are healthy. There are many activities that one is advised to take to avoid contact with bacteria and germs in the surrounding environment. One of the aspects that should not be overlooked in home hygiene is washing our clothes, linens, and other fabrics.

The Haier 8 Kg Front Load Washing Machine (Wifi) is one of the best washing machines in the market that can assist you in achieving this effortlessly. This blog will discuss doctor-recommended practices for maintaining personal hygiene at home, with special emphasis on how the Haier 8kg washing machine can optimize these practices. Continue reading to know more!

Doctor-Recommended Habits for Home Hygiene

Maintaining cleanliness in and around your home is very important in preventing cases of sickness and leading a healthy lifestyle. The primary recommendations made by doctors include proper cleaning schedules, ventilation, and the use of appropriate cleaning pieces of equipment and gadgets. Likely to bacteria and allergens, clothes and linens are particularly hazardous and should be washed often and effectively. Here are some doctor-recommended Habits for home hygiene for your reference:

1. Regularly Wash Clothes and Linens

Dirt, sweat, and bacteria should be washed out from clothes, bed linens, and towels at least once a week as suggested by doctors. It is good to use a quality washing machine, which can effectively clean and even disinfect the fabrics like the haier washing machine 8kg.

2. Use Hot Water and Steam for Sanitization

Water and steam help in eradicating bacteria and mites through the process of heat killing. The PuriSteam in the Haier ully automatic washing machine employs hot steam to penetrate into the fabric surface and remove dirt and germs on the fabrics. This is particularly advantageous in children’s wear, elderly people, and anyone sensitive to the touch of their clothes.

Advanced Features of the Haier 8 Kg Front Load Washing Machine

The Haier 8 Kg Front Load Washing Machine (Wifi) has some of the features that help make it one of the most effective and best washing machines. These features guarantee that your clothes as well as your linens are properly cleaned and washed to the highest hygiene standards.

Direct Motion Motor

The motor of the Direct Motion Motor is connected directly to the drum and does not require the use of a belt. This design offers several benefits:

       Super Silent Operation: Less noise production for the convenience of the users.

       Efficient and Reliable: Higher operational and durability standards with reduced oscillation and energy use.

       Lifetime Warranty: The service guarantees long-term peace of mind.

Super Drum

The shape of the Super Drum is slightly larger with a diameter of 525mm but has a slim look and can hold more. This guarantees that clothes do not tangle within the drum, thus improving the wash quality by a quarter. Benefits include:

       Optimal Space Management: More efficient use of space for the handling of larger volumes of items.

       Tangle-Free Experience: Less frequency of washing, which lowers the wear and tear of clothes.

Enhancing Hygiene with Haier Washing Machine

The Haier washing machine contains several features that are intended to preserve and increase the levels of cleanliness. These innovations not only give our clothes a new touch when washed but also guarantee that they are clean from allergens and bad bacteria.

AI-DBS for Stability and Silence

The AI-DBS (Artificial Intelligent Dynamic Balance System) consists of an Auto Weigh, Speed, and Shift sensor which is governed by an artificial intelligence chip. This system provides stability and no noise during the fast spinning of the clothes. Features include: Features include:

       Auto Weigh Sensor: Changes the intensity of washing depending on the amount of clothes that are being washed.

       Speed and Shift Sensor: It helps to keep the balance and stability.

       AI Chip Controller: It helps in the reduction of the level of noise and vibrations within the machine.

Anti-Bacterial Treatment (ABT)

The ABT (Anti-Bacterial Treatment) effectively kills 99.99% of bacteria & germs, thus it is suitable to use the item in washing items that require the most cleaning. Features include:

       Antibacterial Coating: On the gasket and detergent drawer to reduce the number of microbes.

       Certified by VDE: Provides for adequate sanitation and safety measures.

Doctor-Recommended Tips for Using Your Haier Washing Machine

The proper use of your washing machine is important in the achievement of the intended benefits as well as ensuring the cleanliness of your clothes. Below are some guidelines on how to use your Haier’s latest washing machine as recommended by the doctors:

1. Sort Clothes Properly

It is advisable that one sorts clothes by the color, type of fabric, and how dirty they are before washing them. This facilitates attaining the best cleaning and also maintaining the quality of your garments. The Haier 8 Kg Front Load Washing Machine enables you to choose specific washing options for different types of clothing.

2. Use the Right Detergent

Proper selection of detergent is therefore very important if cleaning is to be achieved effectively. It is recommended that one should wash their clothes using hypoallergenic detergents particularly if one is allergic to some detergents. The Haier washing machine has a detergent drawer that allows for a perfect dose of the detergent allowing a perfect wash without stains.

Special Features for Enhanced Hygiene

Haier washing machines have features, which are specific to make washing easier and also to take care of fabrics. Such attributes guarantee that your clothes are not only clean but are also beyond any allergens and bacteria.

Dual Spray

The Dual Spray option works during the rinse cycle to clean the lid and gasket from the lint to eliminate allergens from your garments. This makes sure that your clothes when washed are not only clean but are also devoid of such allergens.

Refresh Function

The Refresh Function employs hot air to pass through the cloth fibers to clear off bad smells and reduce creases as well. This function maintains your clothes’ softness and comfort, almost as if they were brand new. Benefits include:

       Odor Removal: It works well in removing the undesired smell from the clothes.

       Wrinkle Reduction: Reduces wrinkles and hence less time is spent when ironing.

Why Haier is the Best Choice for Home Hygiene?

When choosing the best front-load washing machine, Haier stands out. Haier has incorporated trendy technologies, easy-to-use controls, and durability. Here’s why Haier is the best choice for maintaining home hygiene:

       Top-Rated and Reliable: Haier washing machines are amongst the top-rated washing machines available in terms of performance and longevity.

       Advanced Hygiene Features: Special facilities like ABT, PuriSteam, and Dual Spray make sure that the vehicle is cleaned effectively to the last detail.

       User-Friendly Design: It is user-friendly, primarily due to the design of the product and the incorporation of smarter features.


Hygiene at home is crucial as it provides a clean environment to avoid diseases and improve the quality of life. If one follows the doctor's prescribed regimen and uses Hi-Tech appliances such as a Haier 8 Kg Front Load Washing Machine, all the clothes, and the linen can be made clean, hygienically washed, and can also be made to last longer.

This fully automatic washing machine comes with the Direct Motion Motor, Anti-Bacterial Treatment (ABT), Dual Spray, and PuriSteam to provide the best of hygiene care. Buy Haier and be on the right track to improving the health status and the cleanliness of your home. Freshen up your home hygiene with the Haier 8 Kg Front Load Washing Machine (Wifi). You can visit Haier’s website or the store near you to get this highly-rated washing machine!