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Everything You Need To Know About Haier Inverter ACs

04-27 2022

Haier Inverter AC: Efficient Cooling with Triple Inverter Plus Technology

The hot weather and the humidity during Indian summers can cause significant discomfort. It is almost impossible to get through the burning summers without a friend who can keep you cool during these times. Introducing Haier’s Inverter ACs who have got your back not only for this summer but for many more to come.

What is an Inverter AC? And how is it Different from Non-Inverter AC?

An Inverter AC runs at a variable speed where it adjusts to a slower tempo when the desired temperature is achieved. Whereas, a Non-Inverter AC runs at a fixed speed, cuts off when the desired temperature is achieved and restarts again when the temperature of the room rises.

Let’s see how Inverter ACs are different from Non-Inverter ACs


What Makes Haier Inverter ACs a Preferred Choice?

Haier offers a variety of interesting features across its range of Inverter ACs, that are developed keeping in mind the convenience and comfort of the consumers.

· Triple Inverter +

 With Haier Triple Inverter Plus Technology, users get optimal operational efficiency, and maximize comfort and can also ensure cost-effectiveness.

 ·Frost Self Clean Technology  

Equipped with Haier’s iconic Frost Self Clean Technology, Haier Inverter Air Conditioners are designed to give you air sterilization up to 99.9%**. Through this feature, users can get a complete indoor wet wash with the press of a button. Once you activate the Frost Self Clean feature, a frost is formed on the AC's evaporator which traps all the dust present on the coil. After some time, the frost melts and washes out all the dirt along with it in the form of water out of the drain pipe. Through this, one gets an actual indoor wet wash to breathe clean & healthy Air.

·5-in-1 Easy Convertible

The 5-in-1 Easy Convertible option allows you to convert your AC into five different modes at your convenience. Based on your requirements, the Air Conditioner can be converted to any tonnage, thus enabling more energy savings based on your preference for every season. 

·Long Air Throw

The indoor unit's best-in-class motor, air duct and optimized fan enable the Air Conditioner to blow air as long as 15- 20m which helps to cool the room faster. This also ensures uniform cooling throughout the room.

·Star Ratings & Warranty

All ACs by Haier are star rated as per the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) specifications. You can choose from a wide range of 3-star and 4-star and 5-star rated inverter ACs. The whole range of Haier’s Inverter ACs come with 5-year comprehensive warranty and 12 years compressor warranty.

 Why should you invest in a Haier Inverter AC

Haier offers a vast range of Inverter ACs which come with distinguishing features that are specially designed to make the lives of the consumers easier. Consumers who are seeking to upgrade their lifestyle and are fascinated by technology can explore Haier’s range of Smart Air Conditioners that come with state-of-the-art features like WIFI and voice control, google/Amazon Alexa compatibility and a lot more! Haier Inverter ACs equipped with the best in class Triple Inverter Plus technology provide highly efficient and optimal cooling at extreme temperatures. Consumers buying Haier Air Conditioners this summer season will be eligible for attractive offers such as 5 year comprehensive warranty with gas charging included* and 12 years warranty on the compressor.  Haier Inverter ACs are everything you will need to beat the heat this summer.