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Experience Gentle yet Efficient Washing with Haier's Top Load Washing Machines

09-26 2023



The Haier HWM80-H678ES8 is an 8kg fully automatic top load washing machine featuring Oceanus Wave Drum and Storm Pulsator for gentle yet powerful stain removal. With inbuilt heater and customizable wash programs, it delivers efficient fabric care.




Haier is a global leader in home appliances known for its innovative products that make daily life easier. The company offers various washing machines in India to meet diverse needs. One of its popular models is the Haier HWM80-H678ES8, an 8kg fully automatic washing machine.


Equipped to handle the toughest laundry cleaning challenges, the HWM80-H678ES8 can remove up to 106 types of stains, including 72-hour-long tough stains like coffee, tea, food gravy, lipstick marks, grass, mud stains, etc. The machine combines intense cleaning action along with gentle fabric care through advanced technologies like the Oceanus Wave Drum, Storm Pulsator and built-in heater.


With features tailored for gentle yet efficient washing, the HWM80-H678ES8 aims to provide a superior laundry experience for medium-sized families. This blog will explore this washing machine's key features, specifications, and benefits.


Key Features


The Haier HWM80-H678ES8 has several notable features to deliver clean laundry while ensuring fabric care.


Large 8kg Capacity


With an 8kg capacity, this washing machine can handle medium to large loads suitable for families with 3-5 members. The spacious stainless-steel drum provides ample room for laundry to tumble effectively during wash cycles.


Powerful Stain Removal

Equipped to handle the toughest stains, this washing machine can remove up to 106 types of stains including 72-hour-long tough stains like coffee, tea, food gravy, lipstick marks, grass, mud stains etc. The inbuilt heater, Oceanus Wave Drum and Storm Pulsator provide intense cleaning action to remove the most stubborn stains gently and efficiently.


Inbuilt Heater

The integrated heater allows washing clothes at high temperatures up to 95°C. This ensures the most stubborn oily stains and grease can be removed easily. Washing at higher temperatures also helps remove germs and allergens more effectively.


Oceanus Wave Drum

This patented drum design has smooth welded seams and oval-shaped depressions. This gentle tumbling action protects fabrics by minimizing friction while washing. The wave-like internal surface also enhances water circulation for better detergent dissolution.


Storm Pulsator

The Storm Pulsator is a patented technology from Haier that uses intense water jets and alternating clockwise-anticlockwise rotation for powerful cleaning.


     It features specially designed vanes that create strong rotating streams of water up to 0.25 MPa pressure.

     The high-pressure jets penetrate deep into the fabric to dissolve dirt and stains completely.

     The pulsator switches direction rapidly up to 50 times per minute, generating intense turbulence within the drum.

     This turbulent flow creates shear forces that scrub and scour the clothes to remove stubborn dirt and stains.

     The rapid pulsator direction change also prevents clothes from twisting and tangling during washing.

     The specially designed vanes provide widespread distribution and coverage of the strong water jets. This ensures detergent reaches every part of the load.

     The pulsator jets also enhance detergent dissolution for more effective cleaning action.

     The visible swirling streams allow you to see the pulsator in action as it powers through the wash load.


The combination of strong rotating jets and rapid directional change gives the Storm Pulsator outstanding cleaning capabilities for reliable stain removal without compromising fabric care. Clothes come out refreshingly clean while maintaining the look and feel of new Double Magic Filter.


The double mesh filters prevent lint, dirt, and debris from clogging internal components. This enhances durability while also collecting lint efficiently to prevent redeposition on clothes.


Smart Features

 Apart from performance, the washing machine also offers smart features for added convenience:


     Digital display with LED indicators

     Preset timing with delay start function

     Memory backup to resume wash cycle after power cuts

     Child locks for safety.




     Capacity: 8kg

     Dimension: 550 x 570 x 970 mm

     Motor: Normal motor

     Wash programs: 15

     Spin speed: Maximum 1000 RPM

     Noise level: <= 80dB

     Power supply: 220V, 50Hz


Long-Term Reliability

Haier provides a 12-year warranty on the motor and a year comprehensive warranty, underlining the durability and reliability of the product. Haier washing machines undergo rigorous testing to ensure longevity even with heavy usage.


Benefits of the Haier HWM80-H678ES8


Gentle on Fabrics

The Oceanus Wave drum and smooth stainless-steel surface provide gentle tumbling to protect fabric fibres from damage during washing. The pulsator changes direction rapidly to provide intense cleaning with controlled fabric friction.


Removes Stubborn Stains

With high temperature washing up to 95°C enabled by the inbuilt heater, this washing machine can easily remove oily stains, grease, coffee, tea, food stains, etc., from your laundry. The powerful Storm Pulsator also boosts stain removal.


Hygienic Wash

Washing clothes at higher temperatures ensures a deep clean by killing harmful microbes that can cause infections.


     The inbuilt heater allows temperatures up to 95°C, hot enough to sanitize laundry and remove 99.9% of bacteria and germs.

     High-temperature washing eliminates odor-causing bacteria that thrive on fabric in cold water. This prevents musty smells.

     Washing at 90°C and above kills dust mites that commonly live in bedding and fabrics. This prevents allergic reactions.

     Higher temperatures destroy fungal spores that cause rashes and skin irritation. The hot wash provides hygienic laundry for sensitive skin.

     Washing in hot water removes E. coli, Salmonella, Staphylococcus aureus and other disease-causing germs from laundry. This protects family health.

     The hot wash removes parasites like ringworm, which spreads through contaminated clothing and linen.

     Sanitizing the laundry also prevents cross-contamination of illnesses within families by destroying viral organisms.

     The double magic filters trap lint, dirt and skin flakes that can carry microbes. This provides an added layer of hygiene.


By effectively destroying disease-causing germs, bacteria, and other microorganisms, the HWM80-H678ES8 delivers maximized hygiene for the entire family. The high-temperature wash, coupled with the magic filters, ensures fresh and sanitized laundry for a healthier home.


Customisable Wash Cycles


You can customise cycles per load requirements with 15 preset programs, including Normal, Quick Wash, Delicate, Spin Only, Rinse + Spin, etc... The delay timer also enables scheduling washes as per convenience.


Smart Safety Features


The child lock prevents accidental button presses during wash cycles, ensuring safe operation. Auto power-off prevents dry heating and overload in case of power fluctuations. The memory backup feature resumes washing seamlessly after power outages.


The Haier HWM80-H678ES8 8kg fully automatic top-load washing machine delivers the perfect balance of fabric care and high performance. Advanced features like the Storm Pulsator, inbuilt heater, high-temperature washing, and customizable programs make laundry cleaning efficient. At the same time, the Oceanus Wave drum and smooth finish provide gentleness for fabric care. With Haier's reliability and long warranties, this washing machine is a sound investment for families seeking efficiency and fabric care.