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Explore how Haier's QLED and OLED TVs deliver an unparalleled viewing experience with stunning visual clarity and immersive sound, powered by Google TV

05-20 2024

In this rapidly digitalizing world, television is considered more than just watching a favorite movie or show in many households. Rather, it is seen as a medium of information, entertainment, and even a source of connectivity. However, too many brands are flooding the market, promising these criteria and making it difficult for customers to make a suitable purchase decision.

Luckily, out of the many, Haier has managed to race out as the first brand that offers televisions for its customers with quality and innovation, with its cutting-edge technology, unparalleled picture quality, redefined viewing experience, seamless connectivity, and immersive sound. However, they have pushed the boundaries of innovating in television manufacturing by introducing a new feature- the Google TV.

This is a completely revolutionary feature that has transformed traditional television viewing motives at home. It was built to upgrade television experiences with live TV, streamlined services, and state-of-the-art features with robust capabilities and an easy-to-understand interface.

Therefore, continue reading to delve into the farthest possibilities of the Google TV feature in Haier’s QLED and OLED televisions with its stunning visual clarity, immersive sound, and unparalleled viewing experience to upgrade television experiences!

Leveraging Maximum from the Google TV: Simple Hacks

Before understanding the specifics, learning to leverage Google TV's maximum potential is best. Ensure the device is connected to a stable internet connection to gain uninterrupted access to the streamlined services and take advantage of the built-in smart features.

Then, navigate the Google TV interface and familiarize yourself with the various settings, menus, and other options. Finally, the TV can be linked to a Google account to get personalized recommendations and voice controls depending on the streaming service used, and pictures can be displayed on the wide screen.

However, the reason behind Google getting involved is that it's far apart from its competitors in terms of its rigid integration with Google Products such as Photos, Assistant, and many other Google products.

Did you find these perks interesting? Then download the smartphone app to make life easier while selecting shows or flipping through channels.

10 Workable Ways of the Features Offered by Google TV

Here are 10 ways the Features from Google TV can help enhance the overall experience using Haeir’s QLED and OLED televisions:

  1. Home Screen Customization

    Begin by rearranging the apps on the home screen, removing or adding channels, or pinning content to personalize the Google experience and make it easier to access what’s needed after beginning to use the television. Just long-press the channel or app to click either “remove” or “move.” Later, they can be grouped into folders based on usage or category.

  2. Installing Apps to Google TV via Smartphone

    To further simplify the user experience, app installation from the phone to the Google TV is possible by using a remote to type in. This makes the app appear on the television automatically so that users can enjoy a pleasurable view. Open the Google TV app on a smartphone and browse the available options. Then choose the interesting ones to get it ready for use!

  3. Game Mode Switchover

    For active gamers, Google TV from Haier has some features built specifically for gaming. Once the game mode turns on, the input lag lowers to provide smooth graphics and enhance the gaming experience. The user can easily do all this. Navigate to the settings, choose the system option, then the inputs option, and choose input (HDMI 1, HDMI 2) on the connected gaming console to get started!

  4. Compartmentalize Profiles for Each Family Member

    Haier’s Google TV comes with this all-new feature: Each family member can own an exclusive profile to avoid missing shows or getting mixed-up recommendations. To enable this function, create a new profile by navigating to the settings, choosing the accounts, and signing in option to create a new account.  Additionally, there is an option to create profiles with content restriction setup and parental controls.

  5. Input Favorite Shows to Google Watchlist

    This smart feature allows users not to skip watching a favorite show as it allows them to add it to the Google Watchlist to take a look at the ones missed again. To find this option, browse through Google TV to find the Watchlist option and add the required entertainment media. This list will then appear in row format on the home screen so you can easily choose to start where it was last left.

  6. Listen to Google TV Podcasts

    Google TV is not just limited to playing audio. Thanks to the wide screen and loudspeakers, users can now install the Google or Pocket Podcasts app from the Play Store, subscribe, and watch their favorite podcasts.

  7. HDMI-CEC Enabled

    Google TV has an HDMI-CEC-activated feature that helps communicate with another CEC-enabled device through an HDMI connection. This feature also allows control over multiple connections from devices using a single remote and automatic switch input. It can be enabled by going to the settings, then to the display and sound option, and finally clicking HDMI control.

  8. Dolby Atmos Function for Enhanced Audio Experience

    If the purchased Google TV and audio system is compatible with Dolby Atmos, then there is no need to enable this option. Otherwise, if needed, just scroll to the display and sound option in the settings and then choose digital audio to activate the Dolby Atmos or Auto option to activate this feature.

  9. Switcher Over to Universal Remote Using Google TV Remote

    Remotes compatible with Google TV can also be used as universal remotes for entertainment devices such as soundbars and cable boxes. Therefore, to take advantage of this opportunity and avoid having too many remotes lying around and cluttering the space, go to the settings option, navigate to remotes and accessories, and click the set up remote buttons to get started!

  10. Wireless File Transfer

Auto transmission of files wirelessly is possible with the help of Google TV from a smartphone or a tablet. For instance, presentations can be shared quickly from the phone to the big screen for greater visibility without wires. Just keep the devices connected to the same internet network and then select what has to be cast through the Google TV app.

The Primary Benefits of the Google Powered TVs

  • Using Quantum dot technology, the television can provide vibrant colors because of the nanocrystals that fill the light in each picture element, thereby providing an enhanced display of colors.

  • Users can get the best visual experience with the Dolby Vision IQ, which provides better contrast, enhanced colors, and better picture control, thereby providing excellent visual impact. Additionally, the light sensors help adjust the television to the surrounding lighting to enjoy maximum viewing quality.

  • Users can access Google TV Unlimited through countless apps, live telecasts, TV shows, and movies on a recommendation basis.

  • With the 120Hz display, the television offers a fantastic and precise visual experience without eliminating the minutest details.

  • From playing games to watching movies, the MEMC feature allows ultimate speed fluency with precise details, graphics, and moving images for a smooth frame-by-frame transition.

  • Improved picture quality is obtained with the Local Dimming Technology so that each video frame adjusts to the video signal and LED backlight instantly.


With Haier’s range of QLED and OLED TVs, customers can enjoy Google TV's ultimate features and other perks, such as stunning visuals, immersive audio, and a complete range of advanced features. Therefore, invest in these television ranges from Haier to see the future of the entertainment system with Google TV!