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Explore the World of Colours with Haier QLED Powered by Google Tv

09-25 2023

Over the years, LEDs have seen substantial technological advancement, which has resulted in their widespread use in smart TVs. Technological developments show how LED technology constantly evolves, making it a flexible and ecologically beneficial option for enhanced LED TVs.

With the versatility, efficiency, and dynamic visual effect capability of LED technology, it is a beneficial tool for contemporary artists who want to push the boundaries of conventional art and engage the audience in novel and exciting ways to explore art. We anticipate seeing much more ground-breaking and immersive LED-based artworks in the art world as LED technology develops.



Haier Smart TV gives you a visual feast while showcasing all the little details in 3840 x 2160 pixels. HDR can increase brightness without obliterating the features in the dark areas, increase contrast in the images, and create a startling visual effect.

Haier Smart TVs offer customers several advantages by fusing smart technology with conventional television functions. Haier Smart TVs may have different special features and advantages depending on the model.

Two such Haier Smart TVs that enable LEDS to explore the art world with Upside Space are the QLED models 55S9QT and 65S9QT.



Features of QLED 55S9QT and 65S9QT

The viewers can enjoy a billion different hues of dazzling colors at

High color volume thanks to QLED technology. The Quantum Dot Technology helps convert light into bright and vivid colors that maintain the accuracy and precision of details even when the scene gets bright and helps you enjoy the experience thoroughly.

Haier QLED TV provides clear, ultra-high-definition images filtered by a layer of more than a billion Quantum Dot nanocrystals. This cutting-edge technology enhances brightness, creates a higher contrast, provides enhanced color precision and details, and improves users' visual digital art experience.

The QLED models 55S9QT and 65S9QT offer many features that will engage you in a beautiful visual experience and leave you in awe of its amazing benefits.

  • Rich and vibrant colors

Quantum dot technology uses nanocrystals that emit light to control each picture element on the TV precisely. This technology helps achieve a high color range and enhances the colors.

  • Provides Best visual experience

Dolby Vision IQ helps achieve a new level of picture control and shows enhanced color and better contrast. The enhanced contrast level helps produce a highly pronounced highlight picture and improves the visual impact to give a unique experience.

Light sensors featured in the television help to analyze the surrounding environment and effectively accommodate the screen output to achieve the best picture quality. This gives you the advantage of enjoying the best TV experience in any lighting condition.

  • Source of All Entertainment

Google TV brings to you all forms of entertainment you prefer. You can watch movies, TV shows, live telecasts, and more from all the available apps and subscriptions. With over 10 thousand Apps on these models, you can discover unlimited things with recommendations based on what you like.

  • Excellent 120Hz Display

Haier TV showcases all the precise details and provides a fantastic visual experience facilitated by 3840X2160 pixels. HDR can further increase brightness without eliminating details and features, enhance the picture contrast, and help create a startling effect.

  • Provides Extreme Speed Fluency

The Motion Estimation, Motion Compensation (MEMC) feature ensures that each frame on the 120Hz screen is incredibly sharp, precise, faster, and smoother. It is the ideal TV to watch movies and play games. The graphics, precise details, and moving images are appreciable features. 

  • Local Dimming

The QLED TV’s picture quality is improved with the ultimate Local Dimming technology, which analyses each video frame in many areas to adjust the LED backlight and video signal instantly.


The cutting-edge LED backlighting technology in Haier's LED televisions offers highly efficient energy, a modern aesthetic, and improved contrast and color accuracy. Haier QLED TVs use quantum dot technology, offering outstanding color rendering, increased luminance, and superior HDR capabilities. To provide users with the best experience possible, it incorporates outstanding features, including Dolby Vision IQ, Hands-Free Voice control, MEMC 120Hz, etc.

The cutting-edge high-technology TVs from Haier provide an outstanding watching experience with the highest picture quality. The QLED TVs 55S9QT and 65S9QT allow viewers to experience the world of art. This is possible by offering an excellent viewing experience with remarkable visual quality ranging from vibrant and lively colors to rich and deep black tones. To enjoy unparalleled clarity and utility in home entertainment, consider opting for the QLEDs 55S9QT and 65S9QT.