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The Haier Bar Refrigerator – A New Storage Solution

11-20 2019

Let’s be honest: the refrigerator might possibly be the best appliance that you can keep in your home! Imagine the amount of food and drink that would go to waste if not for good refrigerators in every household.

However, even with all the great it does, there is always more that one demands from their refrigerator. Sometimes you need a fridge that can also handle cold storage for items like frozen vegetables and meat – a regular fridge does not have a freezer big enough for that.

And then there are times when you get annoyed at having to constantly open the fridge to put in or pull out your favourite drinks and juices. Sometimes you just end up releasing all that cool air from the fridge by constantly opening it to see what drinks you have left in the fridge!

There are other times, when you have guests over and you want to offer them something, but you’re unsure of what you have in the fridge. What about when there’s a party and you want the guests to help themselves to the drinks while you socialize? Are you going to enjoy the party or keep opening the fridge to see what to serve your guests?

While your requirements for storing frozen foods can be taken care of with an efficient deep freezer, the question remains, “Is there a separate solution for storing drinks?”

Yes, there is!

The Perfect Storage-cum-Display Solution

Haier’s all new Bar Refrigerator has been designed as the perfect solution for you to store your favourite beverages. With uniform cooling capabilities, the Bar Refrigerator ensures your drinks remain cool throughout the fridge – whether in the deeper sections or the front section of the shelves. And the fridge does all this while consuming low amount of energy.

But that’s not all. The Bar Refrigerator comes with a durable, anti-bacterial glass door which allows you to see what the fridge contains, eliminating the need to open the door every time you need to see what’s there and what needs to be restocked. This allows the cold air to remain in circulation without any constant opening and closing of the door causing it to escape and affecting the temperature.

Show It Off

And the best part is that this display refrigerator has been designed to maintain a balance between function and aesthetics. The stylish design of the fridge adds to the aesthetic appeal of its surroundings. So whether you keep it in your living room, your office or your store, the Haier Bar refrigerator is the perfect storage-cum-display solution that you’d be proud to show off.