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A Deep Freezer for Your Spring/Summer Barbeque

01-10 2020

Introduction – A Change of Seasons

Consider your January festivities – Lohri bonfire, which marks the date from which days begin to get longer and the kite-flying at Makar Sankranti which heralds the start of the Spring Harvest. The weather does begin to get more pleasant as you enjoy a fair bit of sunshine, perfect for being outdoors. It’s neither too cold nor is it hot by any measure. Indeed, you might be forgiven for wishing you could just set up a few comfortable chairs in your yard or terrace and just lounge about with your family and friends under the wholesome sunshine. 

The Perfect Time for a Barbeque

There’s the only thing that can make this better – a barbeque! Just imagine it, you and your closed ones gathered together around a table, in the outdoors, with fresh-grilled meats and veggies. And hey, why only stop with spring? There will always be those summer evenings with the enchanting cool breeze. You know those are perfect for a barbeque party!

The only question is, how do you make that happen?

What You Need – The Ideal Food Storage Solution

For your grilling purposes, you can get a grill of course, and even use your microwave oven for some smaller items. But keeping all the ingredients needed for the barbeque is the real challenge. The country’s climate can cause food storage problems, with extreme cold in the winters, and extreme heat during the summers. 

The perfect solution for such plans, and a good long-term investment, is the Haier Hard Top Home Deep Freezer. Whether it’s cold weather or hot, the Haier deep freezer can store your meats, frozen foods and vegetables at just the right temperature, and in a hygienic environment. This will save you from erratic weather as well. 

Standing at a height of just less than 3 feet with a capacity of 148 litres, this compact storage unit can fit in any corner of your home, without getting in your way. 

Got a party to arrange at short notice? No issues! The unit’s Super Freeze function helps you store and freeze your raw ingredients at the right temperature in a short period of time. Further, the unit’s Cellular Foaming Technology allows for longer cooling retention, in spite of power cuts. All this ensures that when you need to take your frozen foods out of the freezer for cooking, they are still fresh, and the taste is not ruined. In fact, with its power-saving capabilities, the unit can also give you the double benefit of energy and money savings.

And yes, it comes with a sleek glass finish, so rest assured, your Springtime Barbeque party will have an extra touch of class thanks to the Deep Freezer’s aesthetic beauty. 

So, what are you waiting for? Time to start planning your party!