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#HaierInspiredLiving Contest – Children's Day – 14th November 2020

11-11 2020

By participating in this campaign, you agree to be subject to these official rules and agree to satisfy all eligibility requirements in this document. Haier reserves all the right for the final explanation.

The campaign "#HaierInspiredLiving" Is sponsored by Haier. It is not promotion sponsored, valued, or managed by, or associated with Facebook Inc. ("Facebook") and other publications and publishers.

The following campaign is valid for all the children and their parents who want to participate in it. To be eligible for this campaign, you and your child should be legal residents in the country. The participating child must be below 12 years-old. This campaign should be interpreted and evaluated in accordance with the applicable law of the country in which you reside. The presentation of work constitutes acceptance of all campaign rules.

Campaign Details


● The campaign "#HaierInspiredLiving" starts on 14th November 2020 and ends at 12.00 am local time on 25th November 2020. (The Campaign Period)

● People only can participate in the campaign on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter using the hashtag #HaierInspiredLiving

● Every picture from participants will be reviewed by Haier India and Haier holds the right for using the pictures’ and re-purpose.

How to participate

  • Only children below 12 years can participate

  • Take a picture of the hand coloured ad

  • Submit the finished artwork in either of the following ways; 


A. Take a picture of the hand coloured ad and upload it on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter using the hashtag #HaierInspiredLiving. Please ensure your profile is public for us to view the coloured ad

B. Or WhatsApp it to 73033 88634 

C. Or Send us the final hand coloured ad by speed post or courier post addressed to The Contest Coordinator, Haier Appliances India Pvt Ltd, Building No. 1, Okhla Industrial Area - Phase 3, New Delhi - 110020. 


  • Please make sure all the entries are submitted  before midnight on 25th November 2020

Selection of winners

• Based on the campaign rules, 10 lucky winners will win Haier Bottom Mounted Refrigerators and 500 lucky winners will get attractive gifts.

• Haier will message winners for getting more personal information, including address, personal picture, name and valid age proof of the participant, etc.

• Winners will be informed through our website and social media handles. 

• The address provided by the participant must be local. If it is overseas, please provide another one or Haier will pick other participants who match our condition.

• The prize will be shipped to the winner. If the winner doesn’t receive the prize, please contact Haier India Company by phone or message Haier on Facebook.



• Haier has the right to verify a person's eligibility to participate in the campaign.

• Prizes will be only awarded to legal residents.

• Participants must log in to Facebook/Twitter/Instagram with their genuine accounts to participate in the campaign.

• Each prize can only be awarded to one participant. The participant's name and enrollment email are applicable for the participant to be classified as one confirmed exclusive participant who uploaded the picture. Other participants in the same picture will not be awarded.


Inscription details

• By participating, each person agrees to grant Haier access to your personal information through the privacy settings, and expressly consents to the collection, storage or processing of such data as necessary and the use of exclusive of such data for the campaign.

• Haier has the right to cancel or reject works with incomplete information or content prohibited by law (including statements of a discriminatory or defamatory nature) or other inappropriate, offensive, derogatory or pejorative content, or violent statements.

• In the campaign of a dispute regarding a participant's identity, Haier has the right, in its only discretion, to determine that participant's identity.

• All information provided by participants will be administered exclusively to verify their identity and for notification/delivery of the prize won, and will be deleted in 1 month after the end of the campaign.



Haier has the right to dismiss content submitted by a participant in the following cases:

• Use of false personal information or another person at the time of registration.

• Or duplicate entries.

• Or content other than the original work of the participant.

• Or content that has been submitted in any other competition and has not received an award of any kind.

Any work which, in Haier's view, contains the following:

• Sexually explicit or suggestive content; unnecessarily violent or derogatory content for any ethnic, racial, gender, religious, professional or age group; soothe or pornographic content; nude images

• References or mentions of alcohol, illegal drugs, tobacco, any type of weapons (including firearms), or the use of any of the above elements

• Any activity that may seem unsafe or dangerous

• Any particular political message or intent

• Offensive material against animals

• Obscene or offensive material; any form of hate or racism/xenophobia

• Obscene or offensive messages; any form of violence, offensive discussions, or digital abuse

• Defamatory, false, or contemptuous comments about other people or companies

• Communication of messages or images that contradict the positive images and/or goodwill with which it wishes to be associated, and/or that violate the law or are unethical or legal

• Mentions or images from other brands of the Haier competition.

• Content that includes (i) trademarks, logos, or copyrighted material that is not owned by the participant, (ii) material used without permission (including, without limitation, company names, photographs, movie clips, or programs.

By participating in this campaign, you agree to be subject to these official rules and agree to satisfy all eligibility requirements in this document. Haier reserves all the right for the final explanation.