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Haier Microwaves with Memory function

07-21 2020

Back when microwave ovens were introduced, most thought of it as just another appliance to heat food and often pegged as a luxury. With time, and the enormous development is technology and consumer behaviour, today microwave is no longer a luxury but a necessity. From heating your chapati to baking your first loaf, your microwave oven is really one of your better friends in the kitchen.


This better friend, over the past few months, has been the most-often visited one, right? The lockdown has helped us all explore ourselves, while we were treated to various artists there were also quite a few who donned the apron with some aplomb. These home chefs have flooded our social media, dining tables, and tummy - and we have no complaints. It’s during times like these that we use an appliance like the microwave to its fullest.


Think of that one dish you cooked over and over again because you loved it so much. Then you had to cook some more batches because your family loved it too. Tasty but tedious, wasn’t it? What if there was an easier way to cook it? There is! Haier’s smart microwave range is equipped with a memory function that allows you to add a bunch of functions to a preset and use it whenever you want, at the touch of 1 button! Smart, isn’t it?


The new range of ovens has something for everyone. From the vast list of auto cook menus to the genius of oil-free cooking, it comes equipped with features that make your life easier. To top it all, convenience doesn’t end with your cooking. Cleaning up is easy too, just turn on the deodorizer and bid adieu to the lingering smells. Last but not the least, it also has a bread basket menu that allows you to cook your favourite loaves, flatbreads, and more. Carb lovers, ‘this the season to rejoice!


We all love a smart best friend, don’t we? Get yours now with Haier!