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Water Heater: Haier New Spa Electra Series

01-20 2021

There are so many beautiful moments that one can experience during winters. However, morning baths aren’t one of them. Just thinking about water running down your skin during winter morning sends shivers down your skin, doesn’t it? Does that mean we skip showers during these chilly months? With the current situation, this might not be the wisest thing to do.


An easy way out is investing in a good water heater in India. Today, there are many brands and models to choose from but before you invest in one, let’s go through the essentials of a good water heater, like Haier’s Spa Electra Range.                       


The Haier Spa Electra Range is equipped with features that are state-of-the-art and contribute to providing you with an unparalleled shower experience. It is common knowledge that electronic appliances should be kept away from water and wet areas, but that’s not possible with electric water heaters. Many people are scared of using heaters, fearing an electric shock. Haier has chosen to tackle this problem with their shock-proof water heaters. After all, Haier stands for “Safety is our priority”.


Another feature that stands out is the IBPS technology - ensuring the quality and hygiene of water is never compromised. IBPS stands for Intelligent Bacteria Proof System that heats the water up to 80 degrees, ensuring all bacteria is killed leaving you with nothing but clean, hygienic, and hot water for your showers!


Last but not the least, the Spa Electra range has a little trick up its sleeve that puts it in a league above its competition. A Wifi-enabled water heater, that’s right! Redefine convenience and enjoy truly rejuvenating showers with Haier’s Spa Electra, the Gold standard of Water Heaters!