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Haier QLED TVs: Redefining Home Entertainment in India

12-15 2023

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When it comes to home entertainment, innovations in technology have always endeavored to thoroughly rethink our viewing experiences. Haier’s entry into the Indian QLED TV market signals the beginning of changing demands for home entertainment.


In light of this, Haier, a brand associated with creativity and an acute focus on customer experience is set to revolutionize immersive entertainment and visual brilliance with the launch of the QLED TVs.


Haier’s entry into the QLED TV market is intended to cater to the demands of India’s diversified customer base, who are inclined towards a better visual experience. It also has advanced features designed to offer a premium viewing experience. This includes vibrant color, high contrast, and great clarity.

Introduction to Haier S800QT QLED Series

The Haier S800QT QLED Series offers a seamless integration of innovative technology and cutting-edge features, signifying an amazing advancement in home entertainment. This series is an effective demonstration of Haier's focus on providing excellent visual experiences and raising the quality standard for Smart TVs on the market. The remarkable S800QT Series's size, that is 55-inch or 65-inch incorporates the brightness of QLED technology.


With its fascinating 3840x2160 pixel resolution, this TV is ready to offer viewers an amazing visual experience that will envelop them in vibrant colors, striking contrasts, and stunning details. This series provides easy access to a wide range of apps and services since it is equipped with the Google Smart TV operating system.


The Haier S800QT Series, with its refined and appealing metal design, not only adds visual appeal to any space but also a touch of refinement to home entertainment systems. This series is at the forefront of smart television technology due to its unique characteristics and meticulous attention to detail with its 4K QLED Panel. It additionally offers an amazing watching experience for customers who have a preference for unique quality and performance.

Display and Screen Specifications

These are the specifications for the Haier S800QT QLED Smart Google TV (65S800QT):

       Display Size: A huge 65-inch (165 cm) screen makes for an immersive entertainment experience.

       Screen Type: The Haier S800QT Series offers a dynamic visual canvas with vivid pictures and brilliant colors by utilizing QLED technology.

       Resolution: This QLED TV enhances every visual detail with its remarkable clarity and sharpness thanks to its amazing 3840x2160 pixels resolution.

       Panel Type: This series ensures a unique viewing experience with its state-of-the-art 4K QLED screen, which brings the material to life with striking contrasts and vibrant colors.

       Utilizing Quantum Dot LED (QLED) technology: This television enhances color reproduction by providing a broad color spectrum for vivid, lifelike images with exceptional depth and clarity.

       Immersive Visual Experience: Ideal for everyday entertainment, games, and movies, the TV's sophisticated Dolby Vision technology ensures an engrossing viewing experience.

       Picture Quality: The QLED display is expected to produce a remarkable visual experience with wide range of colors, brighter screen, and good contrast.

       Feature Enhancement: This series makes sure that every feature in the material is presented with amazing accuracy and clarity due to its high-resolution 4K screen and contemporary display technology.

Supported Applications and Services

Access to an array of intelligent functions and entertainment choices is made possible by the Haier S800QT Series. Users may access a wide range of apps and services through its integrated Google TV interface, completely changing the way that people enjoy entertainment at home.


Furthermore, the addition of Google Assistant improves the user experience even more by allowing voice-activated searches and requests offering fluid content and setting navigation. Using voice commands, users can easily manage chores, operate the TV, and access information using this capability.


This TV offers customers access to the Google Play Store in addition to entertainment apps, allowing them to browse and download a wide range of apps and games, turning the TV into an interactive center that goes beyond standard viewing.


The S800QT Series, which has 32GB of internal memory and 2GB of RAM, also has remarkable storage capacities. This large storage space ensures lag-free and fluid performance, allowing users to switch between programs with ease and utilize the benefits of uninterrupted streaming or surfing.

Network Connectivity

With its wide range of network connectivity choices, the Haier S800QT Series guarantees easy access to internet information and services. This QLED Smart Google TV gives consumers a range of options for staying connected and enjoying their favorite entertainment content because of its flexible networking capabilities.


Due to the TV's Wi-Fi features, customers may easily connect to their home network via wireless internet access. Without the limitations of wired connections, this wireless function ensures ease and flexibility regardless of whether you are using smart features, browsing the web, or accessing online streaming services. Furthermore, the TV supports Ethernet (LAN), giving consumers access to a dependable and quick-wired internet connection.


Those looking for a stronger and more dependable network connection may find this feature useful, especially if they want to stream HD material or play late-night games online. Additionally, the addition of Bluetooth 5.0 technology expands the range of available communication.


With this Bluetooth feature, customers may link relevant devices like tablets, smartphones, and Bluetooth-enabled speakers directly with the television. It provides the ease of using the TV as a hub for several Bluetooth gadgets or wirelessly streaming audio content.


The goal of the Haier S800QT Series is to transform the home entertainment experience for Indian people, ushering in a revolution in television. This innovative television series raises the bar for exceptional visual immersion and pleasure by fusing modern technology and creative elements.


With its precise design, the S800QT Series offers an amazing fusion of brightness, size, and QLED technology, creating an enthralling visual spectacle. The Haier S800QT Series offers an unparalleled visual extravaganza, innovative features, and a wide range of connectivity choices, setting a unique benchmark in home entertainment.