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Haier Redefining the Looks of Refrigerators: Vogue Series Colorful Glass Door Refrigerators

06-12 2024

As a forerunner in the Indian appliance industry, Haier has launched an all-new series of refrigerators engineered with aesthetics, reliability, and uncompromised performance: the Vogue Series Colorful Glass Door Refrigerators. This customized range of colorful refrigerators is a leap the company took to personalize the residential kitchen spaces. The Vogue series comprises of:

  • A wide array of versatile options, such as premium glass finishes and numerous color choices.

  • It comes in 2-door and 3-door convertible side-by-side, and top -mount refrigerators.

  • The refrigerator price range starts from MRP of INR 51,890 in online and offline buying platforms.

Now, it is time to sit back with a cup of coffee and scroll through this blog to learn about this feature-packed, versatile series engineered with cutting-edge technology by Haier to invest in!

Highlighting Features of Haier’s Vogue Range Refrigerators

Here are some unique features of the Haier Vogue series refrigerators specially designed to complement and upgrade the aesthetic appeal of the kitchen decor and living room ambiance:

  1. Futuristic Design, Attractive Glassdoors & Premium Aesthetics

    To complement the good-looking modular kitchens of Indian households, Haier has introduced a wide range of colored glass finish refrigerators to match each individual’s taste. They are available in colors such as black-yellow glass, grey onyx glass, rose blue, yellow-grey, black-white glass, peach Nyanza, cream pink, russet grey, parrot green, and much more.

    These are scrutinized and thoughtfully chosen color patterns to match any kind of modern kitchen space. Besides aesthetics, the refrigerators are engineered using advanced technology with exceptional features that offer convenience and efficiency.

  2. Magic Convertible Zone

    Space is the second feature besides aesthetics that can catch the customer’s eye. That’s why Haier has infused the magic convertible zone, yet another boasting feature in the Vogue series fridges. This zone offers additional storage space, and a segment can be converted to a fridge or a freezer based on the user's needs and requirements.

    The temperature in this compartment can be adjusted to maintain the food's flavor, freshness, and texture for a while. Not only this compartment but even the other refrigerator compartments are designed to be compatible with switching over to the convertible feature to store a variety of foods based on the user's requirement.

    For instance, users can find the side-by-side refrigerator series manufactured with this feature to help users switch across different temperatures for diverse food items since no two consumables require similar temperatures.

  3. Triple Inverter and Dual Fan Technology

    Ideally, customers trust noiseless appliances, a testament to quality manufacturing. This is true of Haier’s Vogue series refrigerators. First is the triple inverter technology feature, which specializes in lowering noise generation and saving energy in the refrigerator.

    Second is the dual fan technology feature, which regulates smooth airflow throughout the fridge's interior so that the stored foods' life increases without changing the smell, flavor, and texture. Additionally, for a user-friendly experience, these refrigerators are engineered with a smart display to enhance user experience and seamlessly alter the temperature and modes based on user requirements.

    To make it even more appealing to users, Haier has installed a feature known as the ‘connect home inverter’ that automatically connects to the inverter at home in case of sudden power failures that can result in a cooling stoppage.

  4. Digital Display Panel

    Gone are the days when refrigerators were considered cooling appliances. With the rise of the digital era, Haier has installed some Digi features in its Vogue series refrigerators to build its customer reputation. One among many is the digital panel display that optimizes the freezer temperature and settings without opening the door. Users can input commands from the exterior to retain a specific temperature so that perishables are preserved. 

  5. Deo Fresh Technology

    This is the only peculiar feature found exclusively in Haier’s Vogue series that functions by sucking up impurities and odors and provides a completely even cooling throughout the interior. It has proven to keep the food fresh without changing even the slightest bit for up to 21 days. 

    This was specially infused by the manufacturers, keeping in mind the worry of customers who wish to keep the fruits and veggies cool and crunchy for many days amidst various other consumables.

  6. Eco-Friendly and Sustainable

    With the growing global warming and climate change tensions, Haier has introduced the Vogue series as a testament to its commitment to producing eco-conscious refrigerators dedicated to sustainability. 

    Therefore, meeting the global in-line standards, it has installed a new feature known as the Triple Inverter Technology, which ensures lowered greenhouse gas emissions, power consumption, and increased energy efficiency.

    This reflects how Haier has constantly strived to eliminate its carbon footprint in most products with uncompromised quality and performance. The initiative is also a way to spread awareness of adopting and supporting sustainable lifestyles so buyers can contribute to saving the environment.

  7. Warranty

    Last but not least, this is vital in convincing customers of the product’s trustworthiness. Apart from the many valuable features incorporated into the Vogue series, customers can expect a 10-year warranty for the compressor and fan motor and a 2-year warranty for the refrigerator. This was implemented to ensure customers obtain peace of mind and care less about the product's performance for a long time.  

  8. Availability and Pricing

Most retail outlets in India have the Vogue series refrigerators in stock and have their respective fridge price ranges. However, here’s an approximate estimate of the refrigerator types curated for customers to make informed purchase decisions: 

       Top-Mount Range starts at Rs.63,990.

       Triple Door Convertible Side-by-Side starts at Rs. 1,49,290.

       Double Door Convertible Side-by-Side starts at Rs. 1,23,990.

Surprising Advantages Using Haier’s Vogue Series Refrigerators


Haier's prime motive for manufacturing this refrigerator series is to upgrade customers' ease of usage. Additionally, it allows easy food organization and maintenance with its adjustable shelves, huge storage bins, and easy-clean surfaces.


Durability and long-lasting performance are the two convincing factors that Haier offers its customers when investing in the Vogue series refrigerators. This is because the appliances are engineered with premium materials, so customers can trustfully invest in this brand for seamless functionality in the coming years.

     Health Benefits

Finally, constructed with the latest technology, Haier’s Vogue series refrigerators are upgraded to retain food freshness and nutrients intact, resulting in less to no food wastage. This can help users enjoy living a healthy life with its excellent ability to preserve fruits, vegetables, and various kinds of perishables.


Haier’s Vogue series refrigerators are timeless collections focused on enhancing the aesthetics to complement the Indian kitchen and living spaces with uncompromised performance and quality. They help homeowners reflect their unique personal style beyond their interior decor.

Additionally, its construction with the latest technology, well-researched methodology, and efficient manufacturing capability make this refrigerator series a dawn for style and functionality in home appliances. Even today, it has constantly been a trendsetter in the market, known to meet customer needs and requirements with its unparalleled performance that matches the lifestyle of contemporary households.

Therefore, Haier’s Vogue series is the ultimate choice for homeowners seeking to upgrade their kitchen appliances with convenience, style, reliability, personalization, and, most importantly, unparalleled efficiency! Hurry to choose and purchase a Vogue series refrigerator to experience beauty and efficiency in kitchen spaces in the upcoming years!