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Haier Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner TH27U1: A Revolution in Home Cleaning

12-25 2023

A fresh approach to house cleaning is here with the Haier Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner TH27U1, which is the pinnacle of modern technology and ease. This innovative tool is a ground-breaking remedy in the realm of home tasks. 


This intelligent Robot vacuum cleaner is the result of combining modern robotic technology with effective cleaning techniques. It moves around living areas with ease and removes dust, filth, and debris with ease, leaving floors clean without requiring continual attention from humans. The TH27U1 is designed to revolutionize the cleaning experience; it's more than just a Robot vacuum cleaner, it's an intelligent cleaning companion.


Dual Functionality: Mop and Vacuum

With its ability to combine mopping and vacuuming functions into one compact appliance, the Haier Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner TH27U1 is a multipurpose and effective cleaning solution. This innovative tool goes beyond conventional Robot vacuum cleaner cleaners by providing extensive cleaning capabilities to handle a variety of floor surfaces and filth kinds.


This clever robot vacuum effectively collects dirt, dust, and debris while also cleaning surfaces to leave an ideal finish due to its multipurpose design. Its combined vacuuming and mopping capabilities allow it to complete a thorough cleaning routine that includes spills and stains on hard floors and dry messes.


The robot vacuum cleaner feature effectively collects dirt and debris from carpets, rugs, and hard surfaces by using strong suction technology in its 600ml Waste bin. Concurrently, the mop feature has a 350 ml water tank, which guarantees efficient and regulated wet mopping.


By using a dual-action strategy, the robot can remove dirt efficiently and leave behind a polished, clean surface. The TH27U1's advanced sensors and accurate navigation allow it to maneuver around obstructions, switch between vacuuming and mopping modes, and adjust to various floor types without losing cleaning efficiency.

Control Methods: App & Voice Control

     Mobile App Interaction: Users may remotely operate and monitor the Haier TH27U1 due to its smooth interaction with a specific mobile application. The user-friendly layout of the app offers simple navigation and intuitive controls for smooth interaction and hassle-free operation.

     Remote Operation: Using the mobile app, users may start cleaning sessions, plan cleanings, and change the cleaning modes and settings from any location with internet access.

     Voice-Controlled Commands: The Robot vacuum cleaner may be operated by users using voice commands because it is voice assistant compatible. Users may initiate and terminate cleaning sessions, switch between cleaning modes, and instruct the robot to return to its charging station by using voice control assistants such as Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. Voice control features allow users to perform cleaning chores without using their hands, which increases convenience.  The voice and app control options increase user convenience by enabling simple, personalized management of the robot vacuum cleaner, making cleaning easier and more flexible.

     TV-Controlled: Since the product is designed as an IOT ( Internet of Things ) product, this product can also be controlled using the Smart and Google TV’s that have the voice capability. This product works seamlessly with the Haier Smart TV’s which come preloaded with the Matrix app to control this product with the TV app from the comfort for your seat as you watch your favorite entertainment programs on the Tv.

Cleaning Modes Available

  1. Auto Mode: This mode makes cleaning easier by      letting the robot vacuum explore the cleaning area on its own. It does      this by using sensors and clever mapping to effectively cover the area. It      provides a thorough and systematic cleaning by altering suction force and      cleaning patterns to suit different floor types.

  2. Edge Mode: The Edge Mode is a Robot vacuum cleaner      cleaner's unique ability to target corners and edges. It focuses the      suction on regions near walls or furniture, giving difficult-to-reach      areas where dirt and debris tend to collect a complete cleaning. It      efficiently detects and cleans along edges using specialized algorithms.

  3. Spot Mode: The Spot Mode directs the vacuum cleaner      to focus on cleaning in a designated area, making it perfect for managing      small areas with concentrated spills or debris. It combines precise      movement patterns and increased suction force to properly clean the      targeted areas.

  4. Manual Mode: Using the app or a remote control, users      may manually control the robot vacuum's movement in the manual mode. It      lets users guide the robot vacuum cleaner to specific locations or      sections, meeting special cleaning needs or allowing them to operate the      gadget as they see fit.

High Suction Power: 2200pa

The effective 2200pa Robot vacuum cleaner suction strength of the Haier TH27U1 indicates that it can provide a significant amount of suction force for the efficient removal of dirt and debris. The vacuum cleaner's strong suction force allows it to effectively lift and collect a wide range of dirt, including bigger debris, pet hair, crumbs, and small dust particles, from several surfaces. Deep cleaning effects are achieved on tile, hardwood floors, carpets, and rugs thanks to the strong suction force.


It efficiently extracts embedded dirt from carpet fibers and extends its reach into cracks and crevices to provide thorough cleaning. The intelligent cleaning modes in conjunction with the 2200pa suction power also contribute to improved cleaning efficiency. This means that the vacuum can handle a variety of cleaning scenarios, from routine maintenance to specific cleaning tasks, and leaves users with a cleaner and healthier living space.


Charging Time and Run Time

With its long run durations and effective charging, the Haier TH27U1 is a dependable cleaning partner. The Robot vacuum cleaner swiftly restores its charge, minimizing downtime in between cleaning sessions, with 60-90 minute charging period. Thanks to its quick charge time, customers may continue their regular cleaning routines without having to wait a lengthy time for the gadget to charge.


Due to its longer operating life, the robot vacuum can effectively clean several rooms or bigger places without requiring regular recharging. It can cover a sizable floor surface on a single charge. Larger homes or areas benefit greatly from the extended run duration, which ensures thorough cleaning coverage in a single cleaning cycle.


This vacuum's overall usability is improved by striking a balance between a comparatively quick charging time and a prolonged run duration, giving consumers the convenience of more uninterrupted and efficient cleaning sessions.


The Haier Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner TH27U1 is the pinnacle of contemporary cleaning convenience due to its multifunctional design, voice and smartphone control options, strong suction, and several cleaning modes. Home cleaning is improved by its precise control choices and simple mopping and dry vacuum capabilities.


The versatile characteristics of this clever device, such as its powerful suction and several cleaning modes, ensure thorough cleaning on a variety of surfaces. More than just a cleaner, the Haier Robot Vacuum cleaner TH27U1 is a smart, practical solution that makes tedious cleaning chores hassle-free and joyful.