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The New Era of Laundry - Haier Super Drum Series

04-20 2021

With the motto to constantly innovate and inspire everyday life, Haier has introduced its all-new fully automatic washing machine - Super Drum 929 Series. An ultimate creation, the brand-new washing machine boasts the biggest drum- 525 mm- in the industry.


Surprisingly, the bigger its drum, the slimmer it is as compared to other traditional washing machines. Loaded with top-class features, the front load washing machine is set to transform laundry chores in Indian households. Here’s a glimpse of its uniqueness:

Anti-Bacterial Treatment

From the porthole gasket to the dispenser, the Super Drum series is integrated with Anti-Bacterial material that removes 99.99% germs from the clothes while washing.

Inverter Technology

Weighing light on the electricity bills, it is fitted with an exclusive Inverter Technology that saves energy and makes it better efficient & more durable.

Dual Spray System

Perfect for a healthy wash, the fully automatic machine comes with Dual Spray Technology that automatically cleans the window and gasket and leaves the clothes fresh and healthy.

Artificial Intelligence DBT

Bigger and smarter, the 929 series is designed with AI-DBT that offers real-time computing and monitoring for ultimate stability.

Steam Function

Tailor-made for a perfect wash, its Refresh Technology helps warm vapours penetrate the clothes to remove the odour and leave them fresh and wrinkle-less!

The Super Drum Series is an extraordinary addition to Haier’s laundry range- with cutting-edge technology, supreme design, and exceptional performance, it just says one thing- It’s time for the world to Think Big & Own Bigger

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