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Haier Vogue Range: Colorful glass Door Refrigerators with Cutting edge technology

05-17 2024

Being India's No.1 appliance brand, Haier Appliances India has taken yet another leap this year toward providing homeowners with yet another series of refrigerators with reliability and renowned performance- the Vogue Series Refrigerator.

This colorful series of glass-door refrigerators is designed to help customers personalize their kitchen space.  Moreover, it has multiple options to add to aesthetics, versatility, and design, such as double and triple-door convertible, side-by-side and top mounted refrigerators.

Hence, sit back and learn how this versatile and feature-packed series, combined with the latest cutting-edge technology, can enhance consumers' lives.

Haier Vogue Range Refrigerators: Feature Highlights

Personalization with exceptional performance and aesthetics is the backup for the new Vogue series of Haier Refrigerators. Here are the outstanding features of this range, which are specially designed to complement the kitchen decor and upscale the living room ambiance. 

  1. Attractive Glassdoor’s, Futuristic Design, Premium Aesthetics

    Engineered with a sleek glass finish, this series comes in a plethora of colors manufactured to suit individual tastes, such as black-yellow glass, cream pink, grey onyx glass, yellow-grey, black-white glass, rose blue, parrot green, peach Nyanza, russet grey, and much more.

    These are specially chosen, well-researched color patterns suited to match the modern kitchen space. Moreover, apart from the aesthetics, it is well-built with advanced technology and features that redefine efficiency and convenience.

  2. Magic Convertible Zone

    This is yet another advanced trait infused into the Vogue series refrigerators—the Magic Convertible Zone. Putting it simply, this convertible feature helps provide additional storage, with a portion of the freezer space being converted into a refrigerator space. 

    The temperature variation might sound insignificant, but the slightest change can significantly impact food's freshness, flavor, and texture. Finally, this series is smartly designed: it can cater to multiple storage requirements for diverse foods based on customer requirements. 

    For instance, the Vogue Side-by-Side series refrigerator is engineered with this feature to help customers change the temperature across different cooling zones. This feature was implemented considering that no two foods have the same temperature required for storage. 

  3. Dual Fan Technology and Triple Inverter

    The best appliances have the lowest noise, which is true for the Vogue series refrigerators from Haier. The Triple Inverter Technology was especially implemented to reduce noise and save energy. On the other hand, the dual fan technology allows even airflow throughout the refrigerator to increase the life of stored foods while keeping the texture, flavor, and smell intact.

    Moreover, as an added advantage, these refrigerators have a pre-fitted smart display that allows users to change the modes and temperature based on customer requirements. To top it up, the refrigerator also comes with the ‘connect home inverter’ feature that automatically connects the refrigerator to the home inverter in sudden power shutdowns to avoid abrupt stoppage of cooling. 

  4. Digital Display Panel

    Living in the digital era without digital features in appliances can ruin the appliance's reputation among customers. Considering this criterion, Haier has smartly introduced the display panel on all the Vogue series refrigerators to optimize freezer settings and temperature without opening the refrigerator.

    Moreover, once the digital panel receives commands to retain a specific temperature from the customer, it will automatically maintain the mentioned temperature level unless the commands are reverted. This allows ease of use and preserves perishables. 

  5. Deo Fresh Technology

    This is an interesting technology implemented in the Vogue series by Haier, which cannot be found in many other brands. This feature has both odor and impurity absorption and a 360-degree cooling so that the freshness of the stored food remains intact for nearly 21 days. Therefore, consumers can be less worried as this refrigerator series can keep veggies and fruits crunchy and cool for extra days, amongst many other things.

  6. Sustainable and Eco-Friendly

    With the growing demand for eco-conscious products today, Haier has introduced the Vogue series dedicated to sustainability, meeting the global in-line standards of sustainability commitment and eco-friendly features. One such feature is the Triple Inverter Technology, as discussed above.

    However, in detail, this technology enhances energy efficiency and lowers greenhouse gas emissions and power consumption. Subsequently, implementing these refrigerator series strongly emphasizes Haier’s ultimate commitment towards nullifying carbon footprints across its wide range of products. 

    Implementing this initiative helps spread awareness of supporting and adopting a sustainable lifestyle, allowing customers to make a positive choice toward the environment without giving up on performance and quality. 

  7. Warranty

    With many features attached to this refrigerator series, customers can expect another surprise to maintain these features in the form of exceptional warranty periods! A ten-year warranty is provided for the fan motor and compressor, and a two-year warranty is provided for the entire product. This ensures a total peace of mind for customers.

Pricing and Availability

Since their introduction, the Haier Vogue Series Refrigerators have been available in retail outlets across India and at the official online store. Customers can choose their design from various color options that match their interior decor. Regarding pricing, it can be competitive because of Haier's committed innovation and quality.

Prospective buyers can either shop online or go to the nearest dealer to learn the specifications provided by each model and make an informed purchase decision based on their budget constraints and requirements. However, to have an idea about the prices, here’s a list of the approximate starting prices of each model:

       Double Door Convertible Side-by-Side starts from Rs. 1,23,990.

       Triple Door Convertible Side-by-Side starts from Rs. 1,49,290.

       Top-Mount Range starts from Rs.63,990.

Haier Vogue Range Refrigerators: Identifying the Benefits 

  1. Reliability

    The hallmark of Haier Vogue Series refrigerators is their long-lasting performance and excellent durability. Engineered with robust quality construction materials, customers can trust and invest in this brand for smooth performance for many years.

  2. Convenience

    Making customer life easier is the prime intent for manufacturing this refrigerator series. With the big storage bins, adjustable shelves, and easy-cleaning surfaces installed now, kitchens can be neat and food organized.

  3. Health Benefits

The latest preservation technology implemented in refrigerators helps retain food nutrients and freshness for longer, thereby reducing waste. As a result, customers can now begin thriving on healthy eating habits with freshly stored veggies, fruits, and other perishables.


The release of Haier’s Vogue Series glass-door refrigerators marks the dawn of upscaling the company portfolio with a blend of functionality and style. It continues to lead the market with its unparalleled performance and meet the ever-evolving customer needs of matching contemporary kitchen spaces without missing a beat on performance. With advanced engineered features and flexible storage options.

Haier’s Vogue Series is an excellent choice for customers looking to upgrade their kitchen with modern appliances that offer unparalleled efficiency, convenience, reliability, style, and personalization. Hurry now and invest in the Vogue Series refrigerator of your choice to enjoy the ultimate beauty of kitchen spaces for many years!