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Hot & Cold (Haier's All-weather AC) The Right Fit for Every Season

01-13 2024

The ideal all-weather air conditioner, the Haier HSU19EH-TXS3BE-INV, is now available to meet all of your seasonal needs. With its innovative hot and cold function, this unit is a versatile option for comfortable living all year round.



Haier has created an astounding piece of air conditioning that adjusts to changing weather conditions with ease, providing cool relief in the sweltering summer months and comfort in the bitter winter months. The HSU19EH-TXS3BE-INV redefines simplicity with a focus on flexible functionality, ensuring ideal climate management all year round.

Extreme Temperature Cooling

With exceptional characteristics, the Haier HSU19EH-TXS3BE-INV air conditioner provides effective and healthy cooling at temperatures as high as 60°C. A well-designed cooling system and an optimized, highly efficient compressor are the reasons for its exceptional performance in hot conditions. Haier guarantees continuous and dependable cooling for its consumers, independent of the weather, by skillfully controlling and adjusting these elements.

This function keeps things cool indoors even during the sweltering summer months, which is especially helpful in areas where extreme temperatures are common. Haier's efforts to provide dependable cooling solutions that can survive a range of weather conditions are demonstrated by the air conditioner's ability to maintain its cooling performance in exceptionally hot conditions.

Innovative Remote Type

The creative LCD remote that comes with the Haier HSU19EH-TXS3BE-INV is a testament to the brand's commitment to providing technology that is easy to use. Numerous practical features that improve the overall user experience are provided by this remote. Its LCD interface makes information legible and easy to read, making it simple for users to choose between modes and settings.

The user-friendly design of the remote control guarantees hassle-free operation and allows customers to adjust the air conditioning settings to suit their tastes. This innovative remote type, with features tailored for comfort and convenience, is in line with Haier's mission to provide intelligent and user-focused air conditioning solutions. It displays the brand's emphasis on using modern technologies to streamline user interfaces.

Frost Self-Clean Technology

The HSU19EH-TXS3BE-INV air conditioner from Haier features an innovative technology called Frost Self Clean Technology that transforms the air conditioner's indoor cleaning system. This cutting-edge technology works by taking advantage of the evaporator coil's normal, natural process of forming frost.

Frost forms as a result of the coil cooling down during air conditioning operation. This frosted surface acts as a medium for the collection and containment of airborne pollutants, such as dust particles. These particles don't get embedded in the coil because they build up inside the frost layer over time.

Subsequent AC cycles allow the frost to melt, which naturally removes accumulated dirt and pollutants. For the indoor unit, this mechanism effectively replicates a wet wash cycle. The Frost Self Clean feature makes sure that the air that circulates throughout the room is clean, fresh, and free of contaminants by efficiently catching and removing dirt and pollutants. This helps to preserve the air conditioner's peak performance efficiency in addition to encouraging a healthier interior atmosphere. 

Furthermore, cleaning the evaporator coil requires a lot less physical labor thanks to Frost Self Clean Technology. It guarantees that the air conditioner runs at its best for longer periods by keeping dirt from building up inside the coil. Haier's creative solution with this function is in line with their mission to lessen the inconveniences of routine maintenance while ensuring a constant flow of hygienic, clean air to the living space.

Comprehensive Warranty Coverage

The extensive warranty package that comes with the Haier HSU19EH-TXS3BE-INV air conditioner guarantees consumers a trust that lasts long, highlighting the company's dedication to both product excellence and client’s trust and appearance.

  Five-Year Comprehensive Warranty: Haier provides a five-year full extended warranty. This covers a wide range of the air conditioner's components and features, assuring that the majority of problems that result from frequent use are covered for a considerable amount of time.

   Lifetime Compressor Warranty: Haier offers an extended 12-year warranty, with a focus on the compressor—the crucial and indispensable component. The compressor guarantee protects against any issues or flaws in this essential component, which is critical to the cooling efficiency of the device.

Maintenance and Service: With more than 750 authorized service centers, it also guarantees constant maintenance and upkeep. Customers may use Haier's dependable service network to handle and effectively fix any difficulties or concerns they may have with the product within the warranty period and afterwards as well.

Triple Inverter+ Efficiency

The HSU19EH-TXS3BE-INV air conditioner from Haier, with its Triple Inverter+ technology, is the peak of energy efficiency and performance. Using TLFM, PID, and A-PAM inverter control integrated into one system, this sophisticated technology maximizes the comfort and efficiency of the air conditioner. Precise speed control of the compressor is ensured by TLFM inverter control, which uses less power to maintain constant temperatures.

By adjusting the system to changing load circumstances and controlling voltage and current, PID inverter management further improves operational efficiency. Furthermore, A-PAM inverter management effectively controls power output, allowing for quick changes for dependable cooling, even in situations with heavy demand.

When these three technologies are combined, energy consumption is controlled to provide energy saving up to 65%. This remarkable efficiency significantly reduces power consumption without compromising the unit's functionality, ensuring an efficient and comfortable cooling experience.

In addition to highlighting energy conservation, Haier's Triple Inverter+ technology demonstrates the company's dedication to offering customers high-performance cooling solutions that place durability, comfort, and efficiency first.

With its hot and cold features, the Haier HSU19EH-TXS3BE-INV air conditioner is a model of innovation and dependability that can be used in every season. Convenience and climate control are redefined by its remarkable features, which include Frost Self Clean Technology, an LCD remote with easy navigation, and Extreme Temperature Cooling at 60°C.