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How to keep your clothes clean and hygienic this monsoon!

09-20 2020

Monsoons in India are aggressive and with the heavy rainfall that pours down on us, even though some of us love the rainy season, getting drenched in the heavy rains is inevitable and so is the tedious process of dealing with the wet clothes. The dirt, germs, and debris on your fabrics are higher in the rainy season and if not washed properly, the clothes continue carrying them. How will you prevent the moisture and odor from playing the spoilsport during this season? Here are 6 effective and easy tips for you to keep your clothes clean and fresh during the monsoons with your regular home laundry appliances.  

1. Wash them immediately 

Piling up your clothes in the laundry bag or the washing machine would be a terrible idea during the monsoons, so, especially when your clothes are drenched from the Rain, it’s highly advised to directly put them to wash as soon as you get home. This ensures that all dirt and germs are washed off instantly and there is no foul smell that stays on your fabrics. Ensure you have a good washing machine to keep up with the loads during monsoons; to ease up your job even further, here is a suggestion:  you can quickly pick a tried and tested product by searching ‘top 5 washing machines.

2.    Iron away the moisture

       Does it happen to you that you begin to fold your clothes after drying and still find that last bit of moisture in them? It mostly happens with big fabrics like bed sheets, sarees, etc. To make sure that the fabrics are completely moisture-free, iron them as soon as they dry. There you have, cleanly washed, fresh smelling, and beautifully pressed clothes. 

3. Use Camphor balls

Doesn’t the foul smell from the clothes, the wet footwear, the carpets, etc. bother you during the monsoons? That Is basically because the moisture in the air adds to this and makes it worse. The best and simplest way to ensure your clothes smell fresh is to place a few camphor balls in your wardrobe. These not only absorb the moisture in the air but also ensure your clothes have a pleasant fragrance.

4. Use scented detergent

A simple hack that can do wonders for you - using a scented detergent. There’s a plethora to choose from today, so run down to your local store and pick your favorite fragrance. The detergent will not only give your clothes a thorough wash but will also ensure that there is no lingering unpleasant odor on them.

5. Allow the clothes to dry completely

We would love it if the clothes would dry up as quickly as they get wet, right? What a great timesaver and a relief to the headache would that be! Unfortunately, that’s not possible but you need to be patient. You can drain and dry the clothes partially while they are still in the dryers of your washing machine. Monsoons mean there is more moisture in the air than normal and one needs to ensure that the clothes are completely dry before folding them. This not only keeps the clothes fresh but also keeps it clean.

6. Deodorize your washing machine

While we are on the subject of foul smells and how one can get rid of it, let us give you a smart hack to deodorize your washing machine. If you have a front load washing machine, simply add some baking powder in the drum and put set the machine on “normal wash”  a normal wash. This not only cleans the washing machine thoroughly but also soaks up any foul smell that exists inside the drum leaving the drum fresh and clean for the next wash.

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