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Keep Your Clothes Fresh and Clean during Winters

01-24 2020

What’s the first thing you think of when you think about the winter season? Apart from a cup of hot tea, of course! The first thing that usually pops into everyone’s mind when thinking about winters is the need to cover themselves up in layers of clothes – they need to be all warm and protected.

While it feels great to be all snug and comfortable under layers of thick clothing, there is a considerably bigger pile of clothes to worry about as well. And doing laundry in the cold weather certainly feels like a bigger chore than it is meant to be. This leads some people to repeat their clothes without washing, and that is just nasty and unhygienic. 

Fear not, here are some of our favourite tips and tricks for keeping your clothes clean, hygienic and fresh in the cold winter season. Needless to say, we like these methods for several reasons – energy efficiency, cleanliness, and freshness. 

  1. Wash your knitted clothes by hand with a few drops of liquid detergent! You can fill up a tub with cold water, add a few drops of liquid detergent, and then gently swish your knitted sweaters, mufflers, caps or other clothes around in the mix. Once this is done, drain out the tub, refill it with cold water and repeat the process until there is no detergent left on the clothes.

  2. Machine wash your jackets and coats. Use cold water for this as well. And make sure to do this at least two times through the season. A quick tip: Use the machine’s dryer on a low setting and add a few tennis balls during the drying process to help re-fluff your jackets.

  3. Re-wear your sweaters and jeans! The fact is you tend to sweat less during the winter. So, by all means, re-wear these items of clothing unless they have stains. Simply put them in the dryer on a low setting for a few minutes with a dryer sheet – this will keep them fresh without any need for a serious wash.

  4. Wear extra layers underneath your jeans and sweaters. Added with the sweater and jeans, your thermals and t-shirts will not only keep you warmer but also keep your outer clothing layers fresher and free from anybody odors. 

  5. Clean mud and slush stains immediately. Do not wait until the end of the season, by which time these stains tend to set in and become near impossible to remove. 

  6. Line-dry your clothes during the winter. You can either hang some of your laundries on a towel bar or use a collapsible laundry drying rack for this purpose. 

  7. Keep your dirty gloves, scarves, and hats in a netted laundry bag, separate from other laundry items, and wash them at least once a month to keep them fresh while avoiding losing them amidst another laundry. 

There you have it. There might be some things you know about which we missed, but these are the essential basics you must keep in mind in order to keep your laundry clean, fresh and hygienic during the winters. So, what are you waiting for? Time to get started. Let’s wash!

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