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Immersive Viewing with Haier’s C11 OLED TV

11-27 2023

Experience uncommon visual and audio brilliance with our featured product, the 65C11, a 120Hz OLED TV with Harman Kardon Sound. As we explore the remarkable features that set this TV apart in the home entertainment market, be ready to enhance your viewing experience.

Whether you're a gamer, a meaningful movie buff, or just someone who enjoys excellent audio-visual quality, the 65C11 is sure to take you to new heights of sensory delight.


Motion Clarity: MEMC 120Hz Enhancement

An innovative technique that significantly enhances on-screen images' motion clarity and smoothness is the MEMC (Motion Estimation, Motion Compensation) 120Hz improvement. This function effectively increases the frame rate and reduces motion blur by adding extra frames in between the original frames of a movie.

This MEMC technology guarantees that fast-paced scenarios, including action sequences or sporting events, seem especially clear when seen in the context of the 120Hz OLED TV with Harman Kardon Sound. MEMC 120Hz surpasses the conventional 60Hz refresh rate often seen in TVs by smoothly interpolating frames to provide the illusion of more fluid action.

This makes scene transitions more seamless and organic, which is beneficial not only for action-filled films but also for the entire watching experience. This TV's MEMC 120Hz enhancement makes sure that every detail is shown with exceptional clarity, catching the subtleties of motion that could be missed on traditional screens, whether you're gaming, watching sports, or watching action-packed movies.

Viewers may have a more engaging and entertaining visual experience as a consequence, accurately and precisely observing the minute details present throughout almost every frame.

Immersive Audio: Dolby Atmos and 50W Harman Kardon Speaker

The 120Hz OLED TV with Harman Kardon Sound's potent mix of Dolby Atmos technology and a strong 50W Harman Kardon Speaker system elevates audio immersion to a whole new level. Dolby Atmos offers a three-dimensional audio experience that goes beyond conventional channel-based arrangements to immerse the audience in a sound sphere.

With the use of this ground-breaking audio technology, an immersive, multi-dimensional soundscape with freely moving audio objects that captivate with their feeling of reality and depth is created. 

The TV has a powerful 50W Harman Kardon speaker system that enhances the Dolby Atmos integration. Known for its expertise in audio, Harman Kardon produces a profound sound that complements the OLED display's amazing visual brilliance.

Every little detail, from the smallest whispers to the loudest explosions, is represented with clarity and accuracy thanks to the harmony between Dolby Atmos and the Harman Kardon speakers. By placing listeners in the center of the action both audibly and visually, this immersive audio configuration enhances the whole entertainment experience.


Intuitive Control: Hands-Free Voice Control

With its hands-free voice control feature, the 120Hz OLED TV with Harman Kardon Sound delivers an easy control feature. This sophisticated control mechanism utilizes cutting-edge technology to boost user convenience and revolutionize the television viewing experience.

  • Voice-Activated Commands: Using hands-free voice control, viewers can easily communicate verbally with their TV. This function eliminates the need for traditional remote controls, enabling a more natural and intuitive method to browse across content.

  • Convenient Operation: Users may give orders to change channels, adjust volume, or search for specific material, providing a hands-free and eyes-free manner of operation. When you want a more laid-back watching experience, this convenience is very useful.

  • Improved Accessibility: For users who have trouble moving around or seeing, hands-free voice control improves accessibility. Voice commands are so simple to use that anyone may make use of the TV's functions without difficulty.

  • Integration with Smart Homes: Hands-free voice control on the TV goes beyond commands specific to the TV. It operates as the main control center for smart homes and is integrated with Google Assistant. Voice commands may be used by users to check the weather, manage compatible IoT devices, and even operate other linked smart home products.

  • User-Friendly Interface: By making TV interaction easier overall, the hands-free control function helps to create a user-friendly interface. With this technology, your TV becomes more than simply a display device rather, it becomes an intelligent and responsive entertainment hub for your smart home, in line with the current trend of voice-driven, seamless interfaces.

The 120Hz OLED TV with Harman Kardon Sound's hands-free voice control ability goes above and beyond simple convenience, turning the screen into a perceptive and considerate ally that provides a more sophisticated and advanced way to interact with your entertainment system.

User-Friendly Navigation: Bluetooth Voice Remote Control

This innovative remote control combines ergonomic design and cutting-edge technologies for an enhanced watching experience. Bluetooth connection eliminates the need for line-of-sight control, giving consumers cordless convenience and the ability to navigate and command from various postures and angles.

With this contemporary and adaptable control solution, bid adieu to the constraints of traditional remote work. The voice command feature of the remote is one of its most appealing features; it allows users to easily operate a variety of functions, search for content, and access features using short voice commands.

The watching experience is made even more convenient and easy with this hands-free approach. The ergonomic design of the remote, which fits perfectly in the hand, was created with the comfort of the user in mind. Voice control and an easy-to-use button layout enable seamless interaction, usually even over extended periods of use. The remote is more than just a TV control; it's also the main hub for connectivity within smart homes.

By integrating with Google Assistant, it turns the TV into a smart home command center by enabling users to operate compatible IoT devices. Users with varying degrees of tech proficiency can benefit from the user-friendly design. Voice control and tactile buttons work together to meet accessibility requirements and satisfy an array of tastes, making the experience inclusive and adaptable.

Harman Kardon Sound on the 65C11 120Hz OLED TV will enhance your home entertainment experience. Enjoy profound Dolby Atmos audio with a powerful 50W Harman Kardon Speaker, crystal-clear motion with MEMC 120Hz, and cutting-edge hands-free control.

Your smart home will work effortlessly with hands-free voice control, and accessibility will be improved with the Bluetooth Voice Remote. The 65C11 provides an unmatched audio-visual experience, making it an important model in modern technology.