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Keep the Washing Machine Hygienic and Clean with Self Cleaning Technology

10-20 2020

The importance of health and hygiene is probably the most talked about topic in recent times. With the ongoing pandemic and the health scares going around, it is essential to ensure you are taking crucial care of your loved ones and yourself. While washing hands and personal hygiene tops the priority list, ensuring a thorough wash of your fabrics with home laundry appliances is equally important. Your clothes come in contact with germs and viruses as often as you do and while a nice shower cleans you, your clothes demand similar treatment.

The first step to ensure your fabrics are getting the right wash is buying the right detergent. There is a plethora to choose from when it comes to detergent but what you want to make sure of is that the brand you are investing in is trustworthy and reliable. From powders to liquid-based, each detergent has its own forte and before you invest in one, read your washing machine’s owner’s manual to find out what suits your equipment. Pre-soaking your fabrics in detergent before the wash is a tip you must keep handy when it comes to stubborn stains and marks on your fabrics.

While you are taking steps to ensure the detergent is doing its job, one common checkpoint that most of us ignore is the actual machine and its insides. Over a period of time, even the top 5 washing machines will collect the dirt and debris from your fabrics as it washes them clean. This collected debris might compromise the quality of wash your machine provides you with and you can have the best detergent but your clothes still won’t be fully clean. Apart from dirt and debris, the machine’s drum also tends to hold on to moisture’s stench that can be transferred to your fresh fabrics. To ensure a 100% clean wash, keep your machine’s drum clean.

A simple way to do this is by choosing the smart range of Washing Machines from Haier, one of the smartest fully automatic top load washing machines that come equipped with Self Clean Technology. What it does is essentially prevents the accumulation of dirt and bacteria inside the machine by outspreading smart balls that are anti-bacterial and germ-free, ensuring a healthy and sparkling clean inner drum. So you don’t have to worry about the drum and can rest assured that every wash will be clean, hygienic, easy on the fabric, and tough on the germs.

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