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Large Capacity Washers: Understanding Capacity and Choosing the Right Size

06-17 2024

Cleaner clothes and efficiency striven, the answer is Haier’s series of Top and Front-Load Washing Machines. In today’s world, washing machines are part of a family’s existence, not just a home appliance. Amidst the busy lives of families, they help balance workloads and chores without lifting a finger to do the daunting laundry tasks.

That's why when making a purchase decision, users must take extra precautions to select them in terms of capacity, load type, size, and various other features to enjoy maximum functionality, saving time instead of doing manual laundry. To simplify matters, here’s a guide post from Haier to help users find their ideal washing machine and make the clothes-washing process more effective!

Getting Started with Washer Capacity: The Stepping Stone to Find the Right Washing Machine

Understanding the washer's capacity is the crucial first step in finding the best washing machine suited for your needs. But what exactly is washer capacity? It's simply the number of clothes a washing machine can handle in one cycle. This knowledge is key to making an informed purchase decision. Moreover, washer capacities can be categorized into 3 types:

     Regular washers: 6 – 8kg

     Large washers: 8 – 10kg

     Extra-large washers: Over 10 kg

Now, here are a few factors that influence a washing machine's capacity:

  1. Number of Family Members: Consider the family members and      understand how much laundry has to be done per day. The more people, the      larger the washing machine has to be. For instance, a family of 2-3 members      can accommodate a 6-6.5 kg washing machine, a family of 4-6 members can      accommodate a 6.5-7kg washing machine, a family with 6-8 members can      accommodate a 7-8 kg washing machine and a family with over 8 members can      go for a 10 kg washing machine.

  2. Laundry Frequency: Houses doing their laundry every day must invest in a higher      capacity washing machine than those doing it a few days a week.

  3. Cloth Types for Washing: For clothes such as jeans, towels,      sheets, and other bulky clothes, users can invest in a larger drum-size      washing machine. On the other hand, shirts, undergarments, and other      lighter clothing invest in washing machines with smaller drums. This is to      ensure that the space in the machine is not wasted either by overloading      or not meeting the minimal capacity.

  4. Using the Same Machine to Wash Small and Loads: For users who wish to wash both heavy and      light clothes in the same machine, check if the washing machine has      adaptable settings to ensure the drum works efficiently later.

  5. Consider the Future Too: For users who expect family changes in      the future, such as moving in with relatives or having kids, choose a      washing machine that can adapt to that condition accordingly.

  6. Consider the Space: Considering the above-mentioned factors is helpful when      understanding the washer capacity. However, users must also note that the      selected washing machine size      fits into the space allocated at home.

Choosing the Ideal Washing Machine: Exploring the World of Laundry Ease

Subsequently, besides understanding the washer capacity, users must progress to learn about the key factors that influence purchase decisions. The following elaborates on that aspect:

       Save Energy to Protect the Future

This is the foremost consideration a user must adhere to when purchasing. Outwardly, this factor might sound trivial. However, later, it can benefit you and your washing machine. Choose a machine with the highest energy-saving rating, i.e., 5 stars.

Doing this can help reduce water and energy usage with uncompromised washing quality. As a result, you needn't bleed on electricity and water charges and have also contributed to saving the planet for the future.

       The Type of Loading

This is where most of the users get confused when making a selection. Here’s a clear explanation of the types available today:

     Top-Load Washing Machine: This type is connected to the water inlet tap and has a vertical tub with automatic water level control. For easy accessibility, clothes can be dropped from the top.

     Front-Load Washing Machine: They have horizontal drums and take in clothes from the front.

Considering your preference and budget, choose one to manage your laundry effectively.

       The Different Functions

Besides the two types of washing machines, there are two functions for either type, which solely rely on the user to choose and purchase. They are:

     Semi-Automatic Washing Machine: These machines have two distinct tubs for drying and washing. Moreover, only manual effort is required to move the clothes. This function, which involves a blend of manual and automation tasks, is only available in top-loader washing machines.

     Fully Automatic Washing Machine: The machine operates with a single tub for drying and washing without manual effort. To start the process automatically, a user just has to switch on the machine and add the detergent in the space given.

       Consider the Price

The price tags on both washing machine types vary based on the capacity, brands, and features. For users looking for affordable options, investing in a semi-automatic washing machine is wise.

On the other hand, for busy households with less time to do household chores, a fully automatic washing machine is a wise choice. Therefore, before investing, compare the prices of your chosen product online or in different offline stores to get the best deals in a suitable price range. 

       Exciting Features

With the advent of digitization and technology, washing machines are no longer considered mere appliances that wash clothes. Instead, they are loyal partners who make a family’s life easier and more upgraded. This is due to the features engineered into the washing machines.

The most prominent features include silent operation, easy self-cleaning, monitors with LED display, child lock, timer settings, and temperature control. These are to make washing clothes effortless. However, the best part is that to upgrade the washing experience, the washing machines of today, especially from Haier, have these features engineered in their washing machines:

➢  Dual Cyclone Technology (India’s First): This technology ensures that the clothes inside the machine dry up without consuming much time in the cleanest air so that users can be stress-free from the fluff issue that hinders the drying process when used regularly.

     Direct Motion Motor Technology: Vibrations and noise while operating the machine are exterminated with this technology so that the lifespan of the washing machine increases.

  Sensor Dry and I-Refresh Functions: Through this feature, the sensors engineered inside the machine help identify whether the clothes are dried to the required temperature. Once the sensor ensures that the clothes are dry, the I-Refresh feature removes odors and wrinkles.

  Anti-bacterial Technology (ABT): This feature ensures that the detergent dispenser and the gasket maintain hygiene and cleanliness.

  Dural Spray Technolgy and PuriSteam Function: These work to eliminate microorganisms and promise a comprehensive cleaning process. On the other hand, the dual spray water technology nozzles out the accumulation of dirt and foam within the machine.

   Wifi Control: This feature allows the user to live an interconnected lifestyle with the washing machine by enabling them to alter the settings and monitor the machine directly from the smartphone with proper Wi-Fi.


Keep these factors in mind when selecting a washing machine for a smooth experience. Consider investing in Haier’s fantastic range of washing machines, which offer energy-saving, budget-friendly models with the latest features to make every washing experience a memory