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Motion Matters: Why Haier TVs Deliver the Perfect Viewing Experience for Gaming with MEMC Technology (65S800QT)

06-17 2024

For gamers, smooth, realistic visuals are paramount. Every twitch, every frame transition, needs to be razor-sharp to make the difference between victory and defeat. Here's where Motion Estimation, Motion Compensation (MEMC) technology comes in, and why the Haier QLED 165cm (65) Google TV (65S800QT) is a perfect choice for gamers seeking an unparalleled viewing experience.

The Challenge: Motion Blur and Judder

Traditional TVs display images at a fixed frame rate, typically 60Hz (frames per second). This means the picture is updated 60 times every second. However, fast-paced content like video games can stay within this refresh rate. Imagine a car speeding across the screen; details are lost between the frames showing the car's starting and ending positions. This results in motion blur – a smearing effect that makes the image appear blurry and unrealistic.

Another related issue is judder. This occurs when frames aren't displayed consistently, causing a stuttering or jerky effect. It's particularly noticeable during panning shots or camera movements. Both motion blur and judder can significantly hinder your gaming experience, making it difficult to track objects, aim precisely, and react quickly.

The Solution: MEMC Technology

MEMC technology tackles these challenges head-on by analysing the original video frames and intelligently inserting new, intermediate frames between them. This process is called frame interpolation. Here's how it works:

Motion Estimation: The MEMC chip in the TV analyses two or more consecutive frames to estimate the motion of objects within the scene.

Motion Compensation: Based on the estimated motion, the MEMC technology creates new frames that depict the intermediate positions of those objects.

Frame Insertion: These newly created frames are then inserted between the original frames, effectively doubling or even tripling the frame rate.

By adding these intermediate frames, MEMC significantly reduces motion blur. Transitions appear smoother, creating a more realistic and enjoyable viewing experience. Additionally, MEMC helps to eliminate judder by ensuring a consistent frame rate throughout the gameplay.

Benefits of MEMC for Gamers

For gamers, MEMC offers a distinct advantage:

Enhanced Clarity and Precision: With reduced motion blur, you can see objects on the screen with greater clarity, allowing you to track enemies, projectiles, and other crucial details with pinpoint accuracy.

Smoother Gameplay: The elimination of judder ensures a smooth and fluid gaming experience, minimising distractions and allowing you to react faster to in-game events.

Reduced Eye Strain: Motion blur and judder can cause eye fatigue, especially during extended gaming sessions. MEMC technology helps to alleviate this issue, making gaming sessions more comfortable.

Haier 65S800QT: The Perfect TV for Gamers

The Haier QLED 165cm (65) Google TV (65S800QT) boasts a MEMC 60Hz refresh rate, effectively doubling the frame rate of standard 60Hz content. This, combined with other features like QLED technology for vibrant colours and Dolby Vision for stunning visuals, creates the perfect environment for immersive and competitive gaming.

Beyond Gaming: A Well-Rounded Viewing Experience

While MEMC shines for gamers, its benefits extend to other types of content as well. Fast-paced action movies, sports broadcasts, and even nature documentaries can benefit from the smoother motion and reduced judder offered by MEMC technology.

Additional Features of the Haier 65S800QT

Here's a quick rundown of some other features that make the Haier 65S800QT a compelling choice for all types of viewers:

QLED Display: Utilising quantum dots, the QLED display delivers exceptional color accuracy, brightness, and energy efficiency compared to traditional LED displays.

Dolby Vision: Experience stunning visuals with incredible brightness, vibrant colors, and deep blacks thanks to Dolby Vision HDR technology.

Dolby Atmos: Immerse yourself in a three-dimensional soundscape with Dolby Atmos, creating a life-like audio experience that complements the stunning visuals.

120Hz DLG: Enjoy smooth motion handling and reduced judder for improved video playback, further enhancing your viewing experience.

MICRO DIMMING: This technology adjusts the backlight in specific areas of the screen for enhanced contrast and deeper blacks, resulting in a more realistic image.


For gamers seeking an unparalleled viewing experience, the Haier QLED 165cm (65) Google TV (65S800QT) is a fantastic choice. MEMC technology ensures smooth, clear visuals, while other features like QLED