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Perform Big, Silently: Celebrating Unseen Achievements of Women from the Corporate World

12-26 2023

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In a world where noise often overshadows the silent efforts of individuals, Haier Appliances India has embarked on a powerful journey with its campaign, "Perform Big, Silently." This unique initiative pays homage to the unsung heroines of the corporate world, showcasing their determination and efforts to make significant strides in their respective fields without the need for grand gestures.

Haier's 'Silent Performers' Series

The "Perform Big, Silently" campaign is an extension of Haier's 'Silent Performers' series, a testament to the brand's commitment to recognizing individuals who make a substantial impact without seeking the spotlight. The campaign draws a parallel between these remarkable women achievers and Haier's best-in-segment washing machines, known for their silent yet powerful performance.


The Silent Achievers

The 'Perform Big, Silently' series introduces inspiring stories of outstanding women achievers, leaders, CXOs, and entrepreneurs such as-

- Sharan Khanna, YogaPreneur

- Neha Saida Mehta, CEO & Founder, Amaltaas

- Sudeshna Banerjee, Director, Natwest Group

-Chetna Gogia, the Chief Human Resource Officer, GoKwik

Capturing the Essence

Through captivating storytelling, the 'Perform Big, Silently' campaign aims to capture the essence of these women achievers, showcasing their greatness in everyday life. The campaign is a tribute to corporate women achievers who construct dreams into realities with grace, determination, and relentless ambition.

Inspired Living

The campaign reflects Haier's philosophy of 'Inspired Living,' where the brand derives inspiration from listening to consumer needs to create solutions that complement their evolving lifestyles. Corporate women, always on the go, find resonance with Haier's smart appliances, especially the washing machines that align with their true spirit.

A Continuing Legacy

This marks the third series under the larger campaign theme of ‘Silent Performers,’ showcasing Haier's consistent effort to spotlight women achievers who have pushed boundaries in the pursuit of their passion. Through the theme of 'Perform Big, Silently,’ Haier also highlights its latest Super Drum Series of Front Load Fully Automatic Washing Machines, featuring one of the biggest drums in India.


In celebrating these silent achievers, Haier not only salutes their excellence, performance, and strength but also aims to inspire generations to break barriers and question the status quo, proving that success speaks loudest when achieved silently.


"Perform Big, Silently" is not just a campaign; it's a narrative that challenges preconceived notions of success and leadership. Through the stories of the leading corporate women, Haier is weaving a tapestry of inspiration, resilience, and silent determination. The campaign invites us to recognize and celebrate the silent performers in our lives, acknowledging that their quiet impact is profound and enduring.


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