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Smart Cooling: Haier's Wi-Fi Enabled Air Conditioners

01-12 2024

Introducing Wi-Fi Enabled Air Conditioners, Haier's newest innovation in home comfort. Haier's smart air conditioners offers seamless convenience & comfort.



It provides remote access capabilities via Wi-Fi, so you can control the temperature of your house from anywhere. These intelligent air conditioners offer personalized and enhanced cooling, meeting your comfort demands with features like intelli sleep curve.

Split AC Configuration

Haier's air conditioners, with their Split AC Configuration like HSU19K-PYFR5BE-INV, represent a complex technology that provides effective and efficient cooling solutions. The indoor unit and the outdoor unit, which are the two main components of this system, are essential to the air conditioning process. 

The evaporator coil, blower, and air filter are among the vital parts found in the indoor unit, which is often placed within the space that needs to be cooled. Its duties include drawing heated air out of the space, using refrigeration to cool it, and then returning the cooled air to the space.

Its form, which is frequently hanging from the ceiling or wall, effectively distributes chilled air while blending in with the interior design of the space. On the other hand, the compressor, condenser coil, and expansion valve are located in the external unit, which is outside the room. To complete the cooling cycle, this device works by transferring the heat that is absorbed from the inside air to the outside environment. 

To improve the refrigerant's cooling effectiveness, compression is a critical function of the compressor. The HSU19K-PYFR5BE-INV’s ability to reduce noise makes it very beneficial. The indoor unit runs silently, creating a calm and cozy inside atmosphere, because the loud parts, such as the compressor and condenser, are outside.

Long Air Flow Capability

Haier air conditioners are known for their remarkable Long Air Flow Capability, it ensures effective air circulation and coverage to large rooms. With the help of this function, the air conditioner can easily reach every corners of the rooms and provides cool air at long distances. This wide air circulation is made possible by the cooperative efforts of the sophisticated air duct design, the optimized fan, and the strong motor.

This feature in HSU19K-PYFR5BE-INV ensures consistent comfort, eliminates hot spots and provides even cooling across the room by launching the chilled air up to 20 meters. Larger rooms or areas with several inhabitants benefit greatly from the Long Air Flow Capability since it keeps the entire space comfortably cool inside.

Frost Self-Clean Feature

Haier HSU19K-PYFR5BE-INV with the Frost Self Clean function has a cutting-edge cleaning system that guarantees peak efficiency and pure air. This feature makes use of a special process that occurs when frost forms on the AC's evaporator coil and then melts.

During the air conditioning process, the dirt and dust particles that are present on the coil are naturally captured through this process. Dust, bacterias, and other airborne particles are effectively captured and entrapped by the frost as it develops and envelops the coil.

Gradually, when the frost melts it takes away all the dust particles accumulated on the fins. The evaporator coil is cleaned completely by this process, which is similar to doing an indoor wet wash. The primary benefit of the Frost Self-Clean function is its capacity to enable a self-cleaning procedure without the need for extra cleaning supplies or human participation.

This self-cleaning feature greatly improves the interior air quality in addition to extending the life and efficiency of the air conditioner. By getting rid of collected dust, bacterias, and pollutants, it reduces the amount of potentially hazardous particles that are circulated throughout the space, making it healthier for everyone who uses it.

Triple Inverter+ Technology

Triple Inverter+ Technology from Haier is an innovative idea that raises the bar for air conditioner performance and energy efficiency. This technique integrates three inverter control mechanisms, TLFM, PID, and A-PAM, to facilitate intelligent control over the operation of air conditioners.

  A key element of this technology is the TLFM (Triple Linkage Frequency) inverter control, which effectively controls Multiple Voltage of the compressor and ensures smooth modulation in response to the cooling demand.

    PID (Proportion-Integration-Differentiation) inverter control accelerates working frequency to reach the desired temperature & maintain the performance.

   These features are enhanced by A-PAM (Adoption Pulse Amplitude Modulation) inverter management, which also makes the air conditioner more dependable and efficient overall. It balances the DC Voltage (120-290v) for smooth operations.

Warranty Information: 5 Years Comprehensive, 12 Years Compressor

Haier's focus on quality, dependability, and customer satisfaction is demonstrated by the warranty benefits that is supplied with their air conditioners. With a remarkable 12-year compressor warranty in addition to a 5-year comprehensive warranty, this model has a wide warranty coverage.

The air conditioners 5-year comprehensive warranty is a comprehensive coverage plan that covers a wide range of parts and components. All possible problems or faults that might arise during the allotted time are covered in it.

Customers may be reassured about the durability and usability of their purchased device with this coverage. Additionally, a notable example of Haier's dedication to long-term durability and dependability is the 12-year warranty that is specifically focused on the compressor.

The HSU19K-PYFR5BE-INV air conditioner from Haier is an example of an innovative design that opens up new possibilities for cooling technology. With a plethora of innovative features, it is the definition of comfort, efficiency, and dependability when it comes to air conditioning.

Its attention to efficiency, purity, and intelligent control is further demonstrated by the Frost Self Clean function in conjunction with Triple Inverter+ Technology. More than just an air conditioner, the Haier HSU19K-PYFR5BE-INV ensures your house may experience unparalleled cooling, efficiency, and peace of mind.