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Designed to Refresh - Haier Spa Electra Water Heaters

09-20 2021

Is there anything in the world a relaxing bath can’t cure? Tired, stressed, or worried, a good bath is a right answer. However, what exactly is a good bath? It’s the one that not only makes our bathing time relaxing but also makes it safe, healthy, and convenient.

Wonderfully, Haier Spa Electra Range is specially designed to tick off every feature on a checklist of a good water heater. One of the best water heaters in India, it is equipped with the right technology that works best for your bathing needs- ease of use and safest to take a shower with.

Let’s explore some of its top-class features and what makes Haier Water Heater a perfect buy! One of the most prominent features of the Spa Electra Range is Intelligent Bacteria Proof System (IBPS) Technology. The water heater comes integrated with IBPS that heats water at the highest value and kills bacteria that are harmful to hair & skin, ensuring a healthy and hygienic shower time.

A state-of-the-art water heater, it’s developed on the idea of keeping you safe from life-threatening situations. According to a survey, 92% of Indian households do not have proper safety parameters in the bathroom, making them risky to use. Therefore, Haier Water Heaters come with patent shockproof technology, guaranteeing a secure bathing experience.

Another outstanding feature that Spa Electra Range boasts is Smart Wi-Fi Technology. The smart technology tracks user behavior and warm up the water according to regular usage. There’s more! It also lets you schedule your shower time with your phone. The Wi-Fi technology connects your water heater to a smartphone and helps monitor or control it as per your convenience.

The shock-proof water heater is one of Haier’s extraordinary products combining modern technology, great design, and remarkable performance together. With safety as its ultimate purpose, the Spa Electra Range is a complete package for people searching for ‘Best Water Heaters in India’.