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Welcome monsoon wholeheartedly with the all-new Super Drum Series from Haier

07-20 2021

The monsoons bring with them not just the cool breeze and sweet drizzles but also wetness, dampness, and germs. With the growing scare of Covid infections, the contamination worries for laundry doers are bound to increase. So how do you plan on maintaining hygiene while washing clothes during the rainy season?

Addressing even the slightest of laundry concerns when it comes to you and your family’s safety, Haier has introduced the Super Drum 929 Series. 

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Covering all aspects of a clean wash, below are some of the features of the best fully automatic washing machine that will make it your hero this monsoon season:


ABT (Anti-Bacterial Technology): Greater moisture in the monsoons means multiplication time for bacteria. Consolidated with Anti-Bacterial technology, it takes away the allergens killing 99.9% bacteria thereby rendering your clothes super clean and hygienic.

Cleans itself: With two nozzle dual jet spray to wash the gasket and window separately, this washing machine rids the load of residual bubble, lint, or dirt. This provides an extra layer of protection against germs in the season.

PuriSteam: Cleaner laundry means a better protected you. Continuous high temperature steam penetration by the PuriSteam Technology of the Haier 929 Super Drum Washing Machine makes your fabrics feel fresher, pleasant and wrinkle free. It’s safer even in the microscopic sense.

It’s bigger & Slimmer! A bigger surface area means more wash action.  The 525mm Super Drum offers a wider stretch which translates into less folding thus making your laundry cleaner and the process more efficient.



All this germ-fighting and the noise?

It’s silent! Infused with the AI-DBT (Dynamic Balance Technology), The Haier 929 Super Drum washing machine washes the load in harmony which saves time on the cycle and provides a quiet & stable wash balance. It’s safety without the gimmick.

Does your washing machine get rid of the bacteria present on your fabric, keep your clothes sparkling clean and still be extensively mindful of garment safety?

If the answer is No, it's time to #ThinkBigOwnBigger and get the big machine from Haier Super Drum Series for your home.

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