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What is the best Haier single door refrigerator to buy in India?

09-01 2023

When it comes to beginning the search for the best single door refrigerators in India, there are several factors that need to be considered. We, at Haier, craft advanced technologies and interesting features in our single door refrigerators and offer them at reasonable rates.


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Our single door fridge is among the premier products of our brand. Crafted with perfection, our single door fridge products is vast and offers various specifications to take care of the specific requirements of our different customers.


We strongly recommend all our customers to look for the perfect option in our direct cool refrigerator range that is specifically designed and curated to cater to the needs of consumers who store increasing items in their fridge and keep them frozen for a long period of time. Let us explore the different range of single door refrigerators that we offer in our direct cool range.

An Overview About the Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerators


Our direct cool single door refrigerators are designed and crafted. Rated with 5 stars, our direct cool single door fridges are powerful in cooling and are available in different finishes such as floral finish ranging from marine peony, red opal, black opal, ocean glass green and steel finish including inox steel as well as glass finishes including mirror glass, spiral class and so on.


The entire direct cool fridge catalog is offered at the best single door fridge price. Equipped with an energy saving technology that uses eco-friendly gas, designed with toughened shelves that are meant to hold heavy pots and pans, and operating without depending on stabilizers, these refrigerators are the ideal products for your cooling requirements.


We guarantee that you shall be truly satisfied with this product and urge all your friends and family members to take advantage of it. There is a vast catalog in our single door refrigerator range, let us look at some of the most relevant product specifications in detail.

1. Range 1- HRD-2353 PMG-P and HRD-2353 PSG-P:

This particular product is available under the direct cool catalog range of single door fridges in the mirror glass finish. There are several other interesting properties of the given product that include:

  • 3 Star Rating by trusted customers.

  • 10 Year warranty provision on the compressor .

  • Crafted with perfection including toughened glass to endure the weight of heavy pots and pans.

  •  Included with a base drawer to store extra items that are of high volume and require more space for storage.

  • Available in premium glass finishes of spiral glass and mirror glass.

  • Provided with the facility to connect the home inverter to increase the overall life of the refrigerator in an overall sense.

  • Equipped with 1-hour icing technology that is meant to cater to the needs of urgent ice requirements by generating cool ice from stored water within 1 hour.

  • Derive an overall capacity of 215 liters.


2. Range 2 - HRD 2105POG-P, HRD 2105PCOG-P, HRD-2105PMG-P,      HRD-2105CMG-P and HRD-2105PSG-P and HRD-2105CSG-P:

The given product range is offered in a variety of different glass finishes that include ocean glass green, mirror glass and spiral glass. Available in different finish options, these single door refrigerator options are also included with interesting features.


  • Deriving an overall capacity of 190 liters, these refrigerators are capable of storing maximum number of food and beverage items

  • Included with a stabilizer free operation, gone are the days when you needed to purchase a separate inverter/stabilizer to run your refrigerator for a longer period of time.

  • Equipped with a utility box that includes the facility to store cosmetic product items, medicines as well as makeup products.

  • Includes a separate fruit box to store large sized fruits in a separate container.


3. Range 3- HRD-2104POG-P, HRD-2103POG-P, HRD-2104PMG-P, HRD-2103PMG-P, HRD-2104PSG-P, HRD-2103PSG-P, HRD-2104COG-P, HRD-2103COG-P, HRD-2104CMG-P, HRD-2103CMG-P, HRD-2104CSG-P and HRD-2103CSG-P:

The given product range is available in different glass finishes that include spiral glass, mirror glass, ocean glass green and ocean glass. Let us look at some interesting features that are associated with these refrigerator options.

  • Offered in 4 as well as 3-star ratings, these variants are ideal for customers looking to use the refrigerator on a regular basis by basing 50-60% of their overall storage in it.

  • Included with a recessed handle with a concave shaped indentation in order to access control on the front end.

  • Crafted with premium glass finish to add to the overall aesthetic and grandeur of your living spaces.

  • Deriving an overall capacity of 190 liters.


4. Range 4- HRD-2353PRO-P, HRD-2353CRO-P, HRD-2105PMP-P, HRD-2105CMP-P, HRD-2105PKO-P, HRD-2105CKO-P, HRD-2105PRO-P, HRD-2105CRO-P,  HRD-2263PMR-N and HRD-2263CMR-N:

The given product range includes fridges and refrigerators that are primarily designed to provide the ultimate comfort to the customer. It includes some interesting features such as:

  • Included with 3 and 5 star ratings, the given product is ideal for the consumer who wishes to include the best single door fridge in their homes.

  • Equipped with a diamond edge freezing technology that is meant to keep the stored products fresh and cool for a long period of time.

  • Deriving an overall capacity of 190 and 205 liters based on individual models and specifications

  • Available in different finishes that include marine rose, red opal, black opal and marine peony.



5. Range 5 -HRD-2104PMP-P, HRD-2104CMP-P, HRD-2103PMP-P, HRD-2103PMP-P, HRD-2103CMP-P, HRD-2103PRO-P, HRD-2103CRO-P, HRD-2103PKO-P and HRD-2103CKO-P:

The given product range is diverse and vast since it offers a variety of unique designs and finishes on the surfaces of the refrigerators. Offered at the best single door fridge price 5 star, this product is ideal for serving cooling purposes in the fridge. Some interesting features included in it are:


  • Available in finishes such as marine peony, black opal as well as red opal.

  • Included with an overall capacity of 190 liters.

  • High durability and long-lasting properties due to dual functions of fan motor and compressor

  • Deriving an overall capacity of 190 liters.


6. Range 6- HRD-2353BIS-N, HRD-2105BIS-P, HRD2263BIS-N,      HRD-2263BRB-N, HRD-2104BIS-N and HRD-2103BIS-P:

The given product range is designed and crafted to give a sleek and minimalistic design to your living spaces with subtly designed single door refrigerators. Some interesting features of this range include:


  • 3-4 star ratings on overall performance and cooling effects by trusted customers

  • Deriving an overall capacity ranging between 190 and 205 liters.

  • Available in innovative color options such as radish blue



We at Haier are strongly committed to making your experience of using single door refrigerators exciting as well as simplifying it for daily usage. By including some advanced features of diamond edge freezing technology, 5 star ratings and 1 hour ice cooling options, we primarily aim to make your refrigerator shopping experience enjoyable and less stressful.


We offer the best in-class technology in all of our products that are in turn quite advanced for consumer satisfaction. Based on your specific requirements, you can select models of your choice with the added assurance that it would be worth each single penny! Come and indulge in a cooling experience with our direct cool single door refrigerator range.