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What is the price range of Haier refrigerators in India?

09-01 2023

We at Haier offer a wide variety of Refrigerators with absolute craftsmanship and advanced technology. We offer the best refrigerators in the Indian market that are highly durable, long lasting and at a price that is reasonable and affordable for most consumers.


By offering a wide range of products in different specifications, we make your shopping experience interesting and hassle free with customized options to cater to all your specific requirements in a highly accommodating manner.

Our refrigerator price range varies based on the product that you choose to purchase from our collection. Let us delve deeper in our diverse Range of refrigerators to give you an overall idea of our pricing range for different product categories. This shall help you in making your decision in an informed manner, in terms of purchasing the best refrigerator that is meeting all your requirements.



Various Segments of Haier Refrigerators with Price Range

We offer a diverse collection of refrigerators that are ideal to serve different purposes and are individually different in terms of presence of specific technologies as well as different internal features present in them. Let us explore some prominent specifications available among our refrigerator catalog.

1. Side-by-Side refrigerator:

Our side-by side refrigerator is among our premium products and is equipped with advanced features and modern technology. The Haier Side by Side Refrigerator ranges from 59,990 INR to 1,50,000 based on the model you choose to purchase. There are some interesting features that make it among an ideal product choice for our consumers. These features are as follows:

  • This product is Made in India . The features that it inherits are also developed keeping in mind an Indian audience requirements.

  • It is interesting to observe that the refrigerator is 100/83% convertible into a fridge and thereby resolves the issues of storage and cooling variations.

  • Equipped with an advanced deo-fresh technology, it ensures that there are no bad odors surrounding your kitchen area or living spaces, by duly absorbing all impurities and bad odors.

  • Includes a jumbo ice maker that is responsible for generating massive amounts of ice for large-scale usage.

  • Available in varying finishes such as steel and glass that involve color options such as mirror glass, black glass, black steel, shiny steel, inox steel, all adding sleek designs to your living space

  • The SBS refrigerators are equipped with Digital control Panel which enables you to control the refrigerator without opening the door.

  • We assure the provision of 10-year warranty on compressors and fan motors for our refrigerators.

  • Offered in capacities ranging from 531-602 liters.

  • Offered with additional door pockets in some models to incorporate extra storage items easily.

  • 2. Bottom Mounted Refrigerators:

    Our bottom mounted refrigerator range is ideal for individuals with sensitive conditions that do not permit or allow increased bending in their daily physical movements. IN Haier Bottom Mounted Refrigerators the Less used Freezer section is at the bottom and most used Fridge section is at the top , which help in reducing Bending by upto 90%

    The starting range of the given fridge price comes between 25,000 INR to 57,000 INR depending upon the model and the capacity of the product. There are several other interesting features of the given product range. Let us explore them in detail below. 

  • Offered in 14 in 1 & 8 in 1  convertible mode that accommodates different needs and requirements based on occasion and storage needs. The different mode options included are home alone mode, normal mode, vegetable mode, freezer mode, surprise party mode, vacation mode, turbo mode and summer mode.

  • Twin inverter technology helps in resolving issues related to power shortages and electric fluctuations by saving energy.

  • Twin energy saving mode helps in saving up to 15% more energy in first mode and 30% more energy in the convertible mode.

  • The mi-com display panel helps in navigating and operating temperature settings from inside the refrigerator.

  • Turbo icing technology helps in 200% faster ice generation in a time span of 49 minutes.

  • Tough glass shelves help accommodate heavy objects in the fridge.

  • “Jhukna Mat” feature helps in BMR reduces bending by upto 90%

3. Top Mounted Refrigerators:

Our top mounted refrigerators are available in modern and sleek designs and offered in floral, glass as well as steel finishes. Each refrigerator model in the given range varies in terms of the price offered.

Based on an average level, our top mounted refrigerators are available in a range between 22,000 INR to 50,000 INR. You get the liberty to choose the finish and the model based on your specific requirements. Let us look in detail at some interesting features of the given product range.


  • Provided with technology of 10 in 1 & 5 in 1 convertible mode that include different modes curated to serve varied criteria and purposes of our consumers. These different modes include energy saving mode, retention mode, turbo icing mode, normal mode and veg mode. Different temperatures are set for different modes and the compressor as well as fans work in accordance to those modes.

  • Incorporation of a cooling pad helps in keeping the food chilled and frozen for about 10 hours a day

  • Inclusion of a twist ice maker helps in getting ice cubes easily by twisting the axle above the ice box.

  • Provision of an easy slide shelf helps in easily storing and organizing items at the back of the shelf.

4. Direct Cool Refrigerators:

Our range of direct cool refrigerators are essentially designed and developed to cater to a universal audience. Offered in different capacities, these single door refrigerators are ideal for most consumers.

The DC range of Haier fridge is between 10,000 INR to 22,000 INR. Most models under this fridge are offered at minimal and reasonable rates to make this a popular choice among consumers. Let us explore some interesting features of the fridge models under this category.


  • Possessing an active and powerful cooling technology, this product category offers a one stop solution for all cooling needs in a refrigerator

  • Offered in different finishes that include marine peony, black opal, red opal, ocean glass green, inox steel, mirror glass and spiral glass.

  • Included with a base drawer, this product helps in storing extra items on the lower level with additional space.

  • Running on eco-friendly gas, these refrigerators are low on carbon footprints and global warming.

  • Included with a utility box offering separate storage for makeup products and medicines, helps keep them preserved for a longer time.

  • Offered at reasonable rates with different capacities that help make informed choices.


We at Haier offer different refrigerators based on your individual requirements. You can choose the perfectly suitable model for your home based on individual features present in each refrigerator range.

After closely observing and experiencing the features provided under each specific product category, the customer can make a choice regarding the product they wish to purchase. Our world-class technology, reasonable prices for Indian audiences and highest-quality products, make us stand out in the refrigerator market. Come and experience this for yourself by getting in touch with us today!