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Which Haier double door refrigerator is considered the best in India?

09-01 2023

Our brand Haier offers various different segments of refrigerators for the Indian consumer market. We have best model options and specifications available in double door fridges. Based on your individual requirements and criteria, you can choose the ideal double door fridge that fits your budget and meets up all your cold storage requirements appropriately.


We conventionally offer two broad options in double door fridges that include Top Mount and Bottom Mount refrigerators. Both of these specifications fall under the double door frost free segment. The segments come with their own specific advantages and features that differ to some extent in terms of broad domains such as price, storage capacity, finish, cooling, internal storage features as well as technology.


Both the segments are curated and developed by our team of experts after considering various factors like the kinds of consumer expectations and needs from a double door fridge in general. Based on careful evaluation and consideration, we can make informed choices about our preferences.

Let us consider some important benefits of purchasing the top mount and bottom mount refrigerators to understand the functions served by both of them and get an idea about the perfect double door fridge that serves all our expectations.



Brief Overview About Top Mount and Bottom Mount Refrigerators

Our key segments for the double door refrigerator range between top mount and bottom mount. There are some interesting features observable in both the refrigerator segments. Both stand out and are unique in their own way. Let us dive straight into their features in order to understand how each of them function and how can they contribute to our storage needs.


1. Top Mount Refrigerator:

The top mount refrigerator is among the most popular product categories among our broader refrigerator collection. Available in different finishes such as floral, glass and steel, these refrigerators are both stylish and classy options for your home.

The starting range for the various capacities offered in this category begins from 22,000 INR and ends around 50,000 INR. The frost-free segment in this category is offered in energy saving and inverter-based options. Let us explore some interesting features of the given segment in detail.


  • The given product is offered in various capacities that range between 240 to 358 liters storage.

  • Each product is designed by giving it a modern touch. By offering finish options including radish blue, moon silver, inox steel, red opal, black opal, spiral glass and floral mirror. The surface is soft and the shelves are toughened to incorporate heavy weight objects such as cans, pots and other vessels.

  • The twin energy saving mode ensures that the two-door refrigerator is responsible to maximize a sustainable lifestyle by contributing to minimum carbon footprints and lesser global warming.

  • A separate fruit crisper is provided inside the refrigerator to incorporate large sized fruits and save storage in the main space.

  • The sliding shelves help in alternating between the front and the back ends of the refrigerator, by essentially maximizing organization within the refrigerator with ease and convenience.

  • The turbo icing mode helps in generating ice easily at a faster pace at a temperature of -24 degree Celsius.

  • The 5 in 1 & 10 in 1 convertible mode helps in organizing the fridge for different occasions based on switching temperatures and running the compressor and fan motor accordingly for different cooling purposes.

  • Included with 2-3 star ratings.


2. Bottom Mount Refrigerator:

Our bottom mount refrigerator is specially curated for an audience that faces sensitive medical problems that prevent them from bending in their posture and physical movement. The double door fridge price for this category ranges between 25,000 INR to 57,000 INR.

The product is offered in varied specifications of storage capacity that range between 237 to 445 liters. Apart from these specifications, there are various advantages for consumers looking for a low cost and energy saving frost free and double door refrigerator for their homes.

  • Comes with an interesting feature termed as “Jhukna Mat”, which is primarily responsible for serving the purpose of less bending as mostly used fridge section is at the top and less used Freezer section is at the bottom, that helps in providing easy accessibility to pregnant women, old aged people as well those enduring chronic back problems in the house. The bending is reduced to 90% in comparison to other refrigerators.

  • Temperature can now be modified and monitored by utilizing the mi-com panel in the refrigerator.

  • The duly toughened glass shelves in the refrigerator help in minimizing container breakage and damage owing to heavy weight. Our product can easily withstand heavily weighing objects.



We at Haier only wish to see smiling faces of our customers and aim to provide them with appropriate satisfaction related to their cold storage requirements. With an interesting range of top mount and bottom mount refrigerators in the frost free segment, we aim to propagate a lifestyle that is convenient, sustainable and less demanding.


Both the fridge segments are easily saving on power and energy generation, by utilizing the twin energy saving mode and generate ice easily and rapidly with the turbo icing mode. Equipped with the facility to convert the modes based on the occasion and cooling requirement, we aim to cater to the needs of all individuals forming the Indian audience.


The Haier fridge double door price is formulated after carefully evaluating the overall trending market price for refrigerators and the average purchasing power of a middle-class Indian working member. Offered in various finishes such as floral, steel and glass with interesting color combinations, our fridges are the go-to products for all your cooling requirements. So, do not look further and simply engage with our awe-inspiring variety of double door refrigerators.