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Which Haier refrigerator is a must buy in India?

09-01 2023

When it comes to making a choice regarding the best refrigerator in India, it might be a difficult one with various options and specifications available in the market. Among these multiple options, there is no looking back when it comes to refrigerators by Haier. By offering a wide range of specifications, advanced technology and highly durable refrigerators, we have truly changed the game of refrigerators and other electronic products.


A buyer is truly convinced with the wide variety available in the different finishes, door specifications including single door and double door, modern technology, spacious interiors, good storage facilities and intensive cooling.


We provide different model options in refrigerator fridges based on the specific requirements of the consumer and offer in-store as well as telephonic advice regarding the best fridge for their homes as well as commercial spaces.

By incorporating the best in-class modern technology in our refrigerator, we aim to provide the best-in-class service to all our customers. We truly aspire to make your shopping experience of fridges meaningful and memorable, such that you continue visiting us for all your electronic product related purchases and also recommend our stores to your friends and family members.


An Overview of Different Refrigerator Specifications Offered By Haier


We, at Haier, aim to curate a refrigerator that is ideal for each different requirement presented by a consumer, ranging from cooling intensity, size, storage, door specifications as well as color finishes on the fridge surfaces. Since our brand is committed to consumer satisfaction, we provide a variety of specifications in refrigerators, with the assurance that the one you choose to purchase perfectly fits your criteria and expectations.


Let us explore the various specifications in fridges that we offer to our consumers, making our brand among the best refrigerator brands in the wider market.


1. Direct Cool Refrigerators:

Our range of direct cool refrigerators are primarily designed to serve the purpose of intensive cooling requirements.

Offered in aesthetic finishes including flower, glass as well as steel, these refrigerators truly add a unique aesthetic to your homes and make internal spaces such as kitchens attractive and eye-catchy. There are some added advantages of purchasing these refrigerators which involve the following features.


  • All our direct cool refrigerator product range runs independently without relying on stabilizers for effective operation. Few Models included in this range are also equipped with compressors ranging in power voltages between 135 to 290 volts.

  • Equipped with a modern 1-hour icing technology & DEFT (Diamond edge freezing Technology) our fridges generate ice.

  • We provide various internal storage features in our direct cool fridges that include utility box to store cosmetics and beauty products, base drawers for added space and extra storage as well as separate fruit boxes for storing fruits.

  • We run all our refrigerators on eco-friendly gas and thereby do not contribute to global warming. We also provide 10-year warranty.


2. Top Mount Refrigerators:

top mount

Our Top Mount refrigerators are known as best energy saving refrigerator range products. Offered in 5 in 1 & 10 in 1 convertible mode that include normal mode, energy saving mode, veg mode, turbo icing mode and retention mode. Each mode is developed to serve different purposes based on specific requirements. We also offer several other exciting features in our top mount refrigerators that include:


  • With twin-energy saving mode, we offer energy saving up to 15% in the first mode and up to 30% in the second convertible mode.

  • Equipped with an easy slide shelf, we offer convenient storage options with easy organization at the back of the shelf.

  • We offer twin inverter technology by helping save more energy and also help in avoiding troubles caused by fluctuations.

  • Offered at the best fridge price in the market, this product range is ideal for all consumers


3. Bottom Mounted Refrigerator:

bottom mount

Our bottom mounted refrigerator range is ideal for consumers looking for fridges that possess the maximum accessibility and also run on low energy. Equipped with 8 in 1 & 14 in 1 convertible modes, this range of refrigerators includes modes such as normal mode, home alone mode, freezer mode, vegetable mode, vacation mode, summer mode, turbo mode and surprise party mode. As the names suggest, each mode serves different purposes. Apart from this primary advantage, this range offers other interesting features including:


  • Bending resistance feature also termed as “Jhukna Mat”, which helps reduce bending at the back up to 90% as compared to other refrigerators.

  • Turbo icing technology helps in generating ice up to 200% faster in up to 49 minutes.

  • External & internal Mi-com helps in easy navigation of the temperature settings from inside the refrigerator.


4. Side-by-Side Refrigerator:


Our range of side-by-side refrigerators are the ideal products for consumers looking to utilize increased storage with convenience and do not compromise with limited space in the fridges. Offered in 4, 3 and 2 door refrigerators, our product is crafted keeping in mind the demand for convenient storage by all consumers. This product range is quite unique since it includes some remarkable features that include:


  • Magic cooling property that helps in incorporating 360-degree cooling intact for 21 days along with the maintenance of freshness.

  • Deo fresh technology that helps in absorbing bad odor and impurities and helps in maintaining freshness for a long period of time.

  • Digital display panel helps in optimization of temperature and modifying freezing settings.

  • The expert inverter technology helps in high maintenance of the refrigerator by preserving good durability.

  • By offering the flexibility to convert the refrigerator to a 100% fridge, this product range caters to all your differing requirements.

  • Offered at the best refrigerator price that is both moderate and reasonable.



Our brand, Haier is among the best refrigerator brands providing highly durable refrigerators that are equipped with advanced technology, best in class service, advanced features and 10-year warranty on compressor and fan motor.


By offering different specifications in our refrigerators that include bottom mounted, direct cooling, top mount, side-by-side refrigerators that are available in different finishes such as glass, steel and flower, we provide the best options in fridges and refrigerators to the massive consumer market in India. Come and indulge in a smarter and cooler home with our refrigerator range.