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International Standards


As of June 2019, Haier has participated in the revision of 59 international standards, with 92 other revisions proposed, making it the Chinese appliances enterprises with the most participation in the revision of international standards. It has led and participated in 470 proposals for revision of lnternational/industry standards, of which 416 have been effected in the latest versions of standards and 11 have been passed. Haier is also a recipient of the National Standard Innovation Contribution Award from the Standardization Administration of the P.R.C.


Haier is the only household appliances enterprise in China to hold a seat in the International Electrotechnical Commission Market Strategy Bureau (IEC/MSB). It holds 66 expert seats in IEC and ISO, and 28 in IDO. It has undertaken the secretariat work of IEC/SC59A International Dishwasher Sub-committee, the only household appliances enterprise to undertake an International Standard Subcommittee. It has also led the establishment of IEC TC59/SC59M WG4 Working Group on International Standards for Refrigerator Freshness to formulate new international standards in this field, and has achieved breakthroughs in the field of household appliances.

Patents Worldwide


Up to now, Haier has applied for more than 38,000 patents in 25 countries and regions, including 23,000 invention patents. These patents have been obtained either through independent R&D or from overseas M&A. Haier is the Chinese household appliances enterprise with the largest number of invention patents overseas.


In the first half of 2019 alone, it applied for more than 4,000 patents, over 60% of which are invention patents. Haier is the leader in the industry in terms of the quality of its patents.


Haier was awarded the 19th WIPO-SIPO Award for Chinese Outstanding Patented Invention & Industrial Design, the only Patent Gold Award received by the household appliances industry. It also received two design patent gold awards and five awards for patent excellence. Haier has won a total of five gold medals in past China Patent Awards, the highest number in the industry. It is also the only household appliances enterprise to have won three Chinese Patent Gold Awards in 29 years, and has set the record of highest number of gold medals won in one ceremony to three.

Red Dot and iF Awards



Up to now, Haier's high-quality products have won more than 190 world-class industrial design awards such as the Red Dot Award and the iF Award, ranking first in the industry. It has won 79 iF International Design Awards (including 2 Golden Awards), 48 Red Dot International Design Awards

(including 1 Golden Award), 5 G-mark International Design Awards, 6 IDEA International Design Awards and 3 China Design Patent Awards. It has won two successive Golden Awards of "China Excellent Industrial Design Award" sponsored by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.