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    Microwave Ovens for Healthy, Oil Free Cooking


    • Quartz grill
      Quartz grill
    • Auto cook menus
      Auto cook menus
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    • Total Capacity
    • Bake Wattage
    • Net Width x Height x Depth (mm)
      Food Remains Warm
      Keep food and snacks warm in the Microwave oven for up to 90 mins without reheating Serve hot food to your family or guests at a party while spending quality time with them instead in the kitchen.
      Regional Recipes
      These are the auto cook menus specially designed based on various regional food habits. Recipes are from all regions of India.
      OIL FREE Menu
      The Recipes & Autocook menus have been developed using less oil / no oil. With the touch of a button, all your favorite dishes can be prepared in a healthy way.
      Continental Menus
      Become an international chef with just a button. To satisfy various taste buds, international recipes has been given in the Auto Cook menu function.

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