Side by Side Refrigerator

HRF-619CG|Product Fiche

  • 10 years warranty on compressor & Fan motor
  • Twin inverter technology
  • 90 degree Contoured door
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Twin inverter technology

Twin inverter technology helps reduces the voltage fluctuations and keeps your compress healthy and intact for a long time, with Haier you get 10 years comprehensive warranty on both the compressor and fan motor.


Best freezer & Fridge ratio

66% of fridge space and 34% of freezer. The New SBS is designed smartly to cater to all of your refrigerator needs


0.98 unit consumption

Twin inverter technology helps reduces the pressure in the compressor and allows the refrigerator to perform at its peak. Therefore, the new SBS consumes not more than 1 single unit in a day!


Slim line SBS

the new 619 is slim enough to fit in to any modular kitchen flawlessly because of its slimmest structure and design


Digital control panel

Change temperature settings from outside of the refrigerator conveniently with the all new digital panel


0.98 units consumption

With the highly efficient compressor the unit consumption for this side by side refrigerators happens to be less than a single unit in a day


super cool & super freeze

Now happily welcome the unplanned parties & needs with the super cool and freeze option in your refrigerator.


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