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  • HRF-758SIBGU1
  • HRF-758SIBGU1左侧关
  • HRF-758SIBGU1正面空
  • HRF-758SIBGU1正面上侧开
  • HRF-758SIBGU1正面下侧开
  • HRF-758SIBGU1正面上侧开2
  • HRF-758SIBGU1正面带道具
  • HRF-758SIBGU1局部1
  • Fresher-Sensor-SLide-
  • 智慧厨房

    Haier 651 L, Black Glass Finish Bottom Mounted French Door Refrigerator


    • Twin Inverter Technology
      Twin Inverter Technology
    • Jhukna Mat
      Jhukna Mat
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    : ₹


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    • colour
      Black Glass
    • Net Width x Depth x Height (mm)
    • Energy Class
    • Total Capacity
      651 L
      Android Based
      Enhance the cooling and chilling for your food with the advanced android based smart refrigerator. Have access to all the preferred features and keep a bird's eye view of all the items kept inside.
      Android Based Refrigerator
      Smart Interaction
      Enjoy a really smart and effective way to interact by looking up online recipes, schedules, voice notes and photos with an inbuilt android hi-tech refrigerator. Introducing flexible user-controlled cooling options, and the ability to interact with its features using your smartphone or tablet when away from home.
      Smart Interaction
      Smart Preservation
      Smart preservation feature helps in slowing down the activity of bacteria and maintains ideal environment for your food. It keeps food at optimum temperature so that it stays fresh and flavours intact!
      Smart Preservation
      Triple Cooling System
      Revolutionary triple cooling system precisely controls and optimizes the temperature modes with inherent three separate fans ensuring food stays fresh and frozen for long.
      Triple Cooling System
      Human Induction
      Offering inherent hi-intellect human induction sensors with the digitized touch screen. When it senses human presence, it automatically light ups the display and logo.
      Smart Screen
      Twin Inverter Technology
      Twin Inverter Technology where both fan and compressor works on DC current. Enables controlled power fluctuations and proving energy efficient by automatically optimizing the cooling supply in regard to its cooling demand. It comes with 10 years warranty.
      Twin Inverter Technology
      Convertible Zone
      Convertible zone allows you to convert the freezer into fridge just by switching the temperature settings with one touch. Time to prioritize refrigerator needs according to one’s own preference. Convertible Zone with adjustable range is -18℃~5℃. Provide bigger fridge zone.
      Convertible Zone
      Fresher Sensor
      An adaptive modernistic freshener sensor ensures the long lasting freshness of your food items keeping in sense the prevention of odour mixing with an aromatic throw round in every corner.
      Fresher Sensor
      T-ABT Technology
      Advanced Anti-bacterial technology helps by sensing the ideal condition for preserving food and keeps it hygienically safe and fresh by eliminating bacteria growth.
      T ABT
      Steel Back Panel
      More style and convenience along with the inherent property of retaining coolness for a longer period of time. Steel back panel helps in keeping the air at lower temperature thus retaining freshness of food for an extended period.
      Steel Back Panel
      HCS Moisture
      The Humidity Control System consists of a replaceable filter attached to the Dual drawer/Separate fruit case to provide optimum humidity within the crisper drawer. The HCS indicator on the control will illuminate to remind you that it is time to replace the filters. Time to enjoy more advanced & inspired way of living!
      HCS Moisture

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      Basic info

      • Segment Type:
        French Door Refrigerator
      • Model Category:
        Smart Refrigerator
      • Gross Capacity (Ltrs):
      • Net Capacity (Ltrs):
      • Net Weight (Kg):
      • Gross Weight (kg):
      • Price:
      • Type:
        Smart Refrigerator
      • Capacity:
      • Star Rating:
      • Color:
        Black Glass
      • Cooling Technology:
        Frost Free


      • Star Rating:
      • Energy Consumption:
        1.15 units/day


      • Door Finish:
      • Colours:
        Black Glass
      • Vegetable Case:
      • Ref Light:
        LED Light
      • Refrigerator Shelf Type:
        Toughened Glass Shelves

      General Features

      • Compressor:
      • Refrigerant:


      • Net Dimension (WxDxH) (mm):
      • Gross Dimension (WxDxH) (mm):

      User Guides

      File Name User Manual HRB-758SI - Smart Ref.pdf
      Update Date 2020-06-18
      File Size 29.34MB
      Disclaimer: Design, features and specifications are subject to changes without prior notice.

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