Question: Can’t get cold water.


1, Check if the water valve connected to the refrigerator is closed and no water flows into the refrigerator.

Open the water valve.

2, The cold water jug is empty when the refrigerator is used for the first time, It can deliver cold water only after the jug is filled.

The refrigerator should be layed for 24 hours after first power on

3, The user does not set the refrigerator on COLD WATER state.

Press the "select" button to set the refrigerator on COLD WATER state, the cold water icon light. You could take the cold water

4, Whether the fridge compartment is turned off.

Turn on the fridge compartment.

5, The user takes the cold water frequently especially in summer.

The water from the water jug needs much time to cool especially in summer. So do not take cold water frequently and take much once.

6, Check if the water tube connected to the refrigerator is bent or staved.

Regulate the water tube to ensure it is unblocked.

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