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Question: Rear/side AV connections of LCD/LED?


Rear /side AV connections




1.  R/L AUDIO         input

2.  VIDIO             input

3.  SPDIF OUTPUT     digital audio output

4.  YPBPR            input

5.  SCART            input(some countries no the function)

6.  USB               input

7.  HDMI2           input

8.  HDMI1           input

9.  HEADPHONE      analogue audio output


11. PC AUDIO        input

12. VGA            input

13. RF              input

Note: 1. VIDEO and YPbPr share one audio channel.

         2. When HDMI port gets DVI signal the audio signal receives from the PC        

  •          3.it is different in different model ,  in some model PC audio & head phone option not given


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