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Question: Explanation of various remote keys


1. Press to turn on and off the TV.

2. SOURCE: To select input source.

3. MUTE: Switches the TV sound on or off.

4. PICTURE: Press repeatedly to cycle through the available picture modes.

5. AUDIO: Press to cycle through the different sound mode settings

6. Press to change a channel.

7. MENU: Press to open the on-screen menu

8: CH+/CH-/VOL+/VOL-: Press CH+ or CH- to go to the next or previous channel, Press VOL+ or VOL- to increase or decrease the volume.

10. Press to turn on or off the closed captions.

9. MTS: Press to activate the NTSC TV sounds, such as Stereo

10. CC: o turn on or off the closed captions.

11. REW/FWD/PREV/NEXT: Rewind-Forward-Previous-Next in USB mode

12. Play/Pause Stop

13. SLEEP: Press to display the sleep timer option.

14. ASPECT: To change the picture aspect ratio: Auto/4:3/16:9/Zoom1/Zoom2.

15. INFO:Press to display the TV status information on the bottom.

16. OK: Press to confirm selections in an on-screen menu or to open a submenu

17. To move within the menu.

18.EXIT:Exit on Screen Display.

19. RECALL: Press to go to the last viewed channel.

The remote control cannot be operated unless the batteries are properly loaded inserted.

When using the remote control, aim it at the remote control sensor on the TV.



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