Question: How to quick start the washing machine?



1.Connect the water inlet pipe, turn on the water tap;

2.Insert the power plug into the power socket;

3.Place the height of drain pipe to 80-100cm.Too high will not drain all the water out, too low maybe draining water when filling.

4.Turn on the power switch;

5.Open the door, put the clothes into the washer, close the door, then add a proper amount of detergent into the distributor box and close the distributor box;

6.Select the desired program;

7.Select washing time, times of rinsing, spinning speed, strong wash, pre-wash, etc. as required.

8."Delay" program is off by default. To activate this program, press "Delay" button to make settings.

9.Start the selected program.


After finishing washing, the washer will automatically switch off. 

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