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1. Without WiFi  model   eg. ES15V-SD(I/W)

In the power ON state, press the “TIMER” button once to enter the TIMER mode, and the icon icon.png lights ON. The display flashes the time of current timer. Press the “TIMER” button to adjust the time of timer. Each time the “TIMER” button is pressed the value changes between 01 to 23 in Units of one. For eg. If the time of 10 is selected, the water heater will be ready with tank full of hot water (at the set temperature) after exactly 10 hours. The default is 7 hour for first time. If there is no operation for 6 seconds, the displayed time is saved in the setting. After completing this timer setting, the system returns to the mode before the TIMER mode.

As indicated above, the temperature in the TIMER mode can be set by pressing the SET button. We can set any required temperature from 35°C to 75°C in units of 5°C.

In the TIMER mode, press the “TIMER” button again to exit the TIMER mode, the icon icon.png stop flashing. Also, pressing of any mode button eg. ECO / BPS, will exit the Timer mode.

2. With WiFi  model   eg. ES15V-SD(I/W)ES15V-SD WIFI

By enabling TIMER function, the user can get  desired temperature of hot water after the  selected units of hours (from 01 to 23).The  default temperature in Timer mode is 75⁰C,  which can be adjusted anywhere between 35  to 75 ⁰C in the TEMPERATURE SETTING, as described above.In the app, there is another  feature as “Schedule Mode”,where the user can  set the actual ON time of the product along withthe required temperature. For this, follow the  below steps.

Timer step5.png


Timer step6.png

This smart water heater will automatically switch ON the heater as per the set time and temperature, and the tank will be  full of hot water at the set time and temperature.  

Note - The scheduler will function only if the main supply is kept in ON condition and the Home WiFi network is connected. In case of power failure, the TIMER mode gets disabled. User has to re-enter the TIMER mode to get required hot water temperature at required time.

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