Question: Front load washing machine - Door can not be opened


1. The reason why the door of a front-load washing machine cannot be opened can be due to several factors.

Possible Reasons:
(1) Lock Mechanism Engaged: Front-load washers often have a lock mechanism that prevents the door from being opened during the wash cycle. This is a safety feature to prevent water or clothing from spilling out. If the lock mechanism is engaged, the door will not open.
(2) Excessive Suds or Water: Sometimes, if there are too many suds or water inside the machine, it can create pressure that makes it difficult to open the door.
(3) Faulty Lock Mechanism: The lock mechanism itself could be faulty or broken, leading to the door remaining locked.
Solution Suggestions:
(1) Wait for Cycle to Finish: If the lock mechanism is engaged, simply wait for the wash cycle to finish. Once the cycle is complete, the lock should automatically disengage, and you should be able to open the door.
(2) Reduce Suds or Drain Water: If the door is difficult to open due to excessive suds or water, you can try reducing the suds by adding vinegar or another suds reducer. If the machine is full of water, you may need to manually drain it using a hose or bucket. Be careful when doing this to avoid spilling water.
(3) Inspect the Lock Mechanism: If the door still won't open, you may need to inspect the lock mechanism. Look for any visible signs of damage or malfunction. If you are not familiar with the internal components of the washing machine, it is best to call a professional repair service.

2. How to open the door urgently

(1)Power off and open the filter cover

(2)Drain out the residual water in the cylinder through sewage hose.

(3) Pull the emergency bar downwards to open the door urgently.

3. Contact call center for service:

Remember, if you are not confident in  your ability to fix the problem or if you think there might be a risk  of damaging the machine, it is always best to call a professional  service.

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